Play Safe This Year with Homemade Holi Colours

Celebrate holi in a safe and eco-friendly way!

Holi is the festival of colours and is celebrated with a lot of gaiety. One can sense the essence of happiness on this day. Also known as the “festival of love” as people on Holi merrily greet each other. They exchange mouthwatering sweets and forgive all the resentments of the past. This festival occurs during the month of “Phalgun” according to the Hindu calendar. On Holi, you can see the magical blend of vibrant colours, happiness, and love all around you. But while celebrating Holi, a lot of pollution is caused in various ways which hampers the environment. The usage of synthetic colours infects our eyes and skin which leads to skin-related ailments. The wood which is burnt during Holika Dehen is directly responsible for causing air pollution. So keeping these things in mind let’s enjoy Holi with our loved ones to its fullest by using eco-friendly products which includes organic colours. This Holi let’s make sure that we will take care of ourselves along with our beloved nature which is the ultimate source of all comfort.

 Here are some tips to celebrate eco-friendly Holi:

Depollute the environment by using natural products like essential oils, or camphor in the Holi pyre to purify the air and spread positivity.

  • Play Holi using natural colors or herbal colors.
  • Avoid using plastic bags and balloons etc.
  • Play dry Holi or flower Holi and save water.
  • Do not harm animals while playing with colors.
  • Avoid playing music on higher volumes.

You can make organic colors at home and share it with your family and friends this Holi to make the festival exclusive.

 Here is a list of colors which you can easily prepare at home:

 Yellow: The easiest color to prepare is yellow. You can use turmeric powder which is easily available at home and is also beneficial for skin. Dry Marigold petals can also be used to procure yellow color.

 Deep Pink: You can soak some pieces of beetroot overnight in water. A bright dark pink color would be obtained.

Orange: Heena leaves can be dried and mixed with water to get an orange color.

Black: Black grapes and Amla can be chopped and put into boiling water to get a purplish black color.

Green: You can use dry leaves of neem and spinach which give a shiny green powder after blending.

 Red: Flowers like hibiscus and rose can be used to get red color by drying their petals and later blending them. Tomatoes can also be used.

 You can mix rose water with these colours to have a fragrant Holi.

Protection of skin is the biggest concern during the festival time. Here are some tips which could help –

Wear clothes which cover and protect your body. It is advised to wear full sleeve t-shirts and trousers to prevent skin damage.

  • Grease your skin with coconut or mustard oil so that no color stays on your skin and causes damage.
  • A sunscreen or tan removal cream can also be applied to restrict the harmful effect of colors.
  • Keep yourself hydrated by drinking a lot of water so that skin is least harmed.
  • For other exposed parts like lips, use vaseline or lip-gloss.
  • Eyes are vulnerable so try to protect them by using sunglasses.

To remove color from your skin these natural steps could be followed:

You can mix besan, cream and almond oil with rose water and make a thick paste. Apply it on the face for a few minutes and then wash your face. All the color will be easily removed.

You can also make a paste of glycerin, lemon juice and curd to clean your face.Ripe papaya pieces can be used to remove color.

On the auspicious occasion of this colorful festival, enjoy delicious food items like gujiya, chips, sweets, papad, halwa, Pani Puri, Dahi-bade etc and enjoy the day to its fullest. Play community Holi and strengthen the bond of love and friendship with neighbors. Also, don’t forget to be a responsible citizen, try to protect the environment from harmful after-effects by taking these small initiatives. Enjoy a bright, happy, colorful and eco-friendly Holi.

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Eco-friendly Holi: Play Safe This Year with Homemade Holi Colours
Article Name
Eco-friendly Holi: Play Safe This Year with Homemade Holi Colours
Holi is a festival of fun and frolic and is celebrated with full fervor in India. Here we bring you some tips on how to prepare homemade Holi colours and celebrate eco-friendly Holi.