1. Vegetable Mayo Sandwich

Vegetable Mayo Sandwich

Vegetable Mayo Sandwich

Well, whether its weekends or weekdays, sandwiches are the yummiest breakfast one can have. So, this time trade mayo instead of butter. This sandwich will not consume much of your time, as it is easy to make. The ingredients required to make this mouth-watering sandwich are easily available at local outlets, they are highly affordable and accessible too.

Ingredients: Brown Bread, Vegetables, Oregano, Salt, Black Pepper, Mayonnaise and Tomato Sauce

How to make:

1. Take two slices of bread.
2. Apply some mayonnaise on them, as per your requirement.
3. Add some vegetables in it, such as tomato, onion, cucumber and capsicum.
4. For better taste, roast the toast on Tawa (iron griddle), applying little quantity of butter or desi ghee on it.
5. Serve fresh with yummy Tomato Ketchup.

5 Quick and Easy Sandwich Recipes for All
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5 Quick and Easy Sandwich Recipes for All
A Sandwich is easy and convenient to make. That is why, we bring you some of the sandwich recipes which are tasty and healthy too. You can try these recipes at your home.