Ice Cream - That longing

It is back to Eyes Scream for an Ice Cream – Welcome Summer

If there was no ice cream, summer would have been double the pain. There is something which ice cold ice cream does to our sweet-tooth, we just keep on asking for more. That smoothness, that melting in the mouth feeling, that sparkle in the eye, that drooling over and over again feeling, even if one tries hard enough there is still some longing intact.

The reason for this longing to remain intact is hunger of our eyes for visual gratification. Our eyes communicate so powerfully to our heart and to our mind that there is an instant emergence of need, a need which must be fulfilled now and here. Say, we are buying vegetables at  a store and just one glance at someone buying an ice cream may motivate us enough to buy ice cream that day, whether they were on our shopping list or not doesn’t matter.

Does a frozen dessert made with vegetable fat excite you equally, even though many claim that they taste the same, it doesn’t excite me enough. Haagen Dazs and Ben & Jerry occupy premium positions among globally available brands, in India it is a big fight between Mother Dairy, Amul and Kwality Walls. There are of course over a dozen more Indian Brands with significant presence in a few geographies.

Enjoy this onset of summer, enjoy ice creams, pray your eyes keep screaming for more and more of more.