Five Best Italian Restaurants in India

Do you like Italian food? If you answered yes, it’s the correct place for you to find Italian restaurants in India. Many of us have visited Italy or tasted one of its specialities, such as Pizza, Spaghetti, Risottos, Lasagna, and other items. However, you have to admit that Italian food offers some of the most delectable meals globally. This article is for people who are constantly on the lookout for authentic Italian eateries around the country.

List of Top 5 Italian Restaurants in India:

  • The Pasta Bowl Company, Gurgaon

Convinced of the importance of presenting its country’s flavours authentically, award-winning The Pasta Bowl delivers an authentic and perfectly made Italy right on your plate. You’ll find Ciabette bread, Cream Cheese Bruschettas, and, oddly enough, Risotto al Funghi. The restaurant gets total points for being at the top of this list since it is excellent in quality.

  • Spago, Greater Kailash, Delhi

Spago, another Italian restaurant in Greater Kailash, is an Italian Casual Diner famed for its mouthwatering food. A traditional interior design and a relaxing atmosphere whets the hunger. Asparagus Soup, Pepperoni Pizza, Mushroom Risotto, Cream Brulee, grilled King Prawns, Tiramisu, and Torta Royale are recommended meals. And to enhance the Italian experience, each table receives a complimentary bread basket.

  • Café Mezzuna, Kolkata

Café Mezzuna, which currently has two main branches in Kolkata, explores cuisines beyond Italian, such as Spanish, French, and Mediterranean. The café’s Italian cuisine is diverse yet consistent in that it is all cooked using high-quality ingredients. The fresh taste of vegetables and fruits, delicate meat and fish melting in your tongue, and warm cheese invading your mouth — is just all you want.

  • Celini Grand Hyatt, Mumbai

Celini Grand Hyatt, the most prominent Italian attraction in Mumbai, which an Italian head chef manages, is a fine dining ristorante and your one-stop place for an authentic Italian restaurant experience in the city of 7 islands. A location where home-style, authentic Italian dishes are presented with a contemporary twist. Once inside, you’ll find the environment fairly pleasant and simple, but it’s the cuisine that stands out and enhances it from ordinary to outstanding.

The restaurant is well renowned for Gourmet Pizzas, Tiramisu, Arugula Salad, and Minestrone Soup. The restaurant has also organized a pizza festival named Pizzaiolo. The head chef Pasqualino Barbasso, a world champion Acrobatic Pizza Maker himself, travelled from Sicily to tempt guests’ taste buds and received a lot of appreciation.

  • Pasta Street, Bangalore

Here’s how to fall in love with Italian food in no time. Pasta Street is well-known for its high-quality ingredients and innovative taste combinations. Their cuisine is divided into veg and non-veg sections, each having a variety of selections and a great wine list to complement your meal. Grilled Basa Fish Fillet, Pomodary Tuscany, Torino cal-de-lite, and other seafood options are also available.