How to Coax Someone into Eating Winter Greens?

V. Lamb’s Quarters

Lamb's Quarters - Green Vegetable

Don’t recognise it? It is also called Bathua. Rang any bells now? Most people swear by its multi-nutritional benefits. It takes care of your skin in the harsh winters as well as purifies the blood.

It Contains

Amino Acids: Together with proteins, they repair body tissues, and break down food.

Iron: Having this vegetable is your way out to get rid of those pale, iron-deficient looks. It increases the haemoglobin count and increases the immunity.

Dietary Fiber: It is must for all those who suffer from frequent constipation.

  • It also contains phosphorus, potassium, zinc, vitamin A, C, and magnesium.

Dig in…

Bathua ka Saag: Although not as delicious as the Sarson ka Saag, its power on our taste buds (and health) are not to be undermined. It’s grand enough to serve at the events of festivals, kitty parties and feasts.

Bathua Parantha: Have a green parantha by stuffing your wheat bread with bathua leaves.

Liking the winter greens any better? Which green veggie here has the best chance to be included in your food now? And, do you happen to have an interesting recipe for the above-mentioned vegetables? Do share with us.

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