Tips to Take Care of Dogs

Dogs are man’s best friend. Nothing can surpass their loyalty towards the family that they belong to. They are as much as a family member as any of the humans. Thus, it is essential that they are taken care of properly so that they too can live a comfortable life. Here are a few tips on how to take care of your dog.

Puppy Stage

Puppies are undoubtedly the most adorable creatures created by God. When the time comes to bring the puppy home after it is weaned off its mother, three things happen- the home is full of unbridled joy, there will be major lifestyle adjustments, and you have to gear up for the initial cleaning up of your puppy’s cute little accidents. Here are a few things that you need to do:

  • Look for a good vet and set up a vaccination plan. Discuss matters regarding symptoms of illness, controlling internal and external parasites, and whether you should spay or neuter your dog.
  • With the help of the vet, zoom on to quality food that will give the required nutrition to your puppy. The vet will advise you the number of times the meal has to be given as per their age, breed, and weight.
  • From the very first day establish a bathroom routine so that your puppy gets toilet trained. Till the time all the vaccinations are not given, it is essential that your puppy does not meet any other dog. So, ensure you take the puppy to an area inaccessible to other dogs.
  • Teach obedience. Remember that dogs have a pack mentality. Thus, there can be only one master. You must ensure that the puppy knows you are the master. This will help forge a stronger bond between you and your puppy and set your puppy up for positive social interaction in the future.
  • Finally, cuddle your puppy to show love.

Adult Stage

Dogs grow up very fast. Within the blink of an eye, your adorable little ball of fur will transform into a magnificent adult pet. Here are the tips on taking care of your adult dog:

  • Check-ups- Have your pet examined regularly by the vet. Maintain the vaccination records.
  • Food- Ensure that your dog is getting a quality diet. Never give the dog table scraps. Rather, give it healthy treats. Your vet will help you with dietary recommendations depending on the level of activity, breed, age, and size of the dog.
  • Water- Always keep fresh water available as optimal hydration helps towards good health and energy.
  • Exercise- It is very important that you provide your pet with ample opportunities to exercise so that they do not become obese. Obesity in dogs comes with a hoard of illnesses just like in humans. A fit dog is a happy dog.
  • Grooming- Grooming is very essential.
    • The vet will guide you regarding the frequency of baths to be given and the shampoo to be used.
    • It is necessary to brush your dog every day and check it for ticks and other parasites. Long-haired dogs are prone to mites and ice balls in their hair and brushing helps remove them.
    • Dental care is very important as dogs develop gum infection which results in the premature loss of tooth as well as other infections.
    • Check the nails regularly and clip them if overgrown as they can be painful and make it difficult for the dog to walk.
  • Environment- As mentioned before, dogs are as much a family member as any of the humans and it is our responsibility to provide them with a clean and a protected surrounding.
  • Communication– Interaction with your dog is of the utmost importance as dogs are social creatures and crave for attention and love. Spending quality time with your dog will also prevent the dog from having undesirable behavior patterns.
  • Training– Teach your dog simple commands at home. Teach it to understand the word ‘NO’. Dog training classes are also very helpful.

If you have decided to bring home a dog, you have made the best decision of your life for you will have a true friend in it. But remember, dogs are not mere playthings. They are a big responsibility and you must ensure that you take care of it.

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Tips to Take Care of Dogs
Article Name
Tips to Take Care of Dogs
As we all know, nothing can surpass the loyalty of a dog towards the family that they belong to. So, it is essential to take care of them as our own family member. Check here for some tips on how to take care of your dog.