How to maintain a healthy relationship?

Love puts us to that beautiful point in life where we never really want to come down from, but the same heart that can make us fall in love can trip us up and have us fall into a deeply toxic relationship. The remarkable thing is that love can make you blind. 

What is a toxic relationship?

A toxic relationship can destroy everything, such as your confidence, self-esteem, happiness, and how you see yourself and the world. The behaviour of some people becomes so messy that it puts us on thinking that how can someone be so bad?

A person is not born toxic; He is made toxic. Sometimes, life circumstances put us in that condition where we no longer feel things. As a result, a person floats through life carrying a million broken pieces of heart. 

Relationships can start healthy, but a terrible past and lack of communication can destroy the relationship and change its people. It can happen quickly and easily. But, mostly, it happens with the strongest people.

How to fix it? 

William Shakespeare once said, “If you love someone so hard and still get hurt, Love more hard till you stop getting hurt.”

Not all toxic relationships are so easy to leave, but the alarming signs can make it easier to claim to draw a bold, heavy line around what’s allowed and what’s not allowed in your life.

  • Be honest and talk frankly

When you talk to your friend or partner, tell them how your day went. Talk frankly about what bothers you and what makes you happy. By speaking honestly, you express the vulnerability and trust in your partner. In addition, your honesty can invite them to be honest with you.

If something starts bothering you, express it gently and make sure your voice gets heard.

  • Let go of grudges

What’s the point of holding grudges with someone? If you are holding grudges in your heart for someone, it will never benefit you. Instead, it will make your mind more negative. A good conversation is always helpful. Talking openly with your friends and partner can keep you from hate, grudges and jealousy. Remember that resentments and jealousy act as fuels to the fire in relationships.

  • Handle the issues

Do not let your anger destroy the bond. Bring it to your partner in a calm situation if any issue arises. Speak in a levelled and mannered tone, and try to sort out everything.

  • Do not break up the bond due to little things

If you are in a healthy relationship and due to something you get angry over a little senseless thing, never hurry to break up the bond. Remember: It takes a lot of things to build up a relationship, but it only takes a few seconds to destroy each and everything. So instead of breaking up, try to sort out everything with your partner calmly.

  • Never hide 

If you truly love someone or you are going to start a new bond, Never hide anything from your partner. If your hidden things later come to be heard from the outside people, then your partner’s trust will be broken, and nothing’s going to help you ever. You can’t rebound with that person again because once a thread is broken, it can never be joined the same as more robust than before. 

Stay kind to your partner and enjoy life!