DIY | Best Ways For Indoor Gardening

Indoor plants to purify air
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Growing your fresh produce can be a satisfying and experience for everyone. Not only is it a fun hobby, but it is also rewarding with tasty fruits. With most people living in apartments these days and no yards, it is tougher to find space for your kitchen garden. However, contrary to this ideal, having a yard or garden isn’t necessary for growing vegetables. You can grow your food with minimal space.

Here are the best ways to utilise space for indoor gardening:


Hydroponics is a practice of gardening where you can grow food without any soil. These plants are grown in a nutrient-rich, water solution. It requires a minimal amount of space and shows results in one year.

It can be an expensive alternative for some, but it is an exciting process with definite results. For plants growing through hydroponics, it is necessary to have a ‘grow light’. Easy YouTube tutorials are available for homemade hydroponics gardening.

Using the kitchen window

A window that is facing the sun can get used for growing plants with less space. It makes your kitchen look prettier and smell fresh. Small plants such as herbs are the best to grow on windowsills. They’re also very low maintenance. For windows, use pots with drainage holes so that the roots don’t get clogged with water. Avoid leakage by putting cardboard under the pots. Ensure the plant isn’t near the stove as the heat can ruin the growing plants.

Utilise the roof

If you have access to your apartment’s/house’s rooftop, it is ideal for growing vegetables that require constant sunlight. Using a step table will help maximise your productivity in a limited space. As these plants are under the sun at all times, make sure you water them every day or as frequently as needed. It is the perfect environment to grow chilly peppers, herbs, tomatoes. Make sure to use pots that can withstand rain.

Recycle home items

One can reuse many household items for planting herbs and vegetables. It is an efficient and sustainable way of growing food and caring for the environment. For example, use old plastic bottles and cut them in half. You can also be creative and paint the plastic bottles whatever way you want. One can also reuse an empty crate of eggs for growing plants.

Herb garden box

A herb garden box is a specifically created wooden area. It is used to grow plants that require less soil and less space. You can easily buy herb planter boxes from a nursery near you. A raised planter-like step is also available for homes with such demands of space. It is a creative and pretty way of growing plants. Make sure to put your herb garden box in an area of the house that gets sunlight. Unlike potted plants, one cannot move a herb garden box every day according to requirements.

We have the habit of associating gardening with large pieces of land; in reality, it is unnecessary. Growing plants on your own is a sustainable way of living. It will lower your cost of living while making you feel much better and conscious about your food habits.