Four Years of Tamasha and Streams of Some Profound Moments

Movie Tamasha
Bollywood Movie Tamasha completes 4 years today.
Bollywood Movie Tamasha
Bollywood Movie Tamasha completes 4 years today.

It’s been four years of “ … kya hain tere dil ke andar, chahta kya hain tu?” said by the storyteller to Ved when he needed somebody to tell him what he wants in life. Such a simple line, yet profound.

There are more such moments in the film which tells you something you need to hear – in terms of relationships, career, emotional freedom and finding your true self.

Let’s look at some of the moments from Tamasha which will compel you to explore your inner being and come out with your real self:

1. “ …Batana baat kya hain? … waise toh bada pyaar hain tumhare dil main …”

Movie Tamasha - Corsica Driving Scene
Movie Tamasha – Corsica Driving Scene

This is one of the very first scenes in Corsica, the first part of the film where Ved and Tara accidentally meets. This scene shows a glimpse of the internal mind and soul of Ved who converses with the mountains and sits quietly on the rocks and Tara is not concerned with this idiosyncrasy. Instead, both of them are at peace with each other, dealing with their baggage and still comfortable in an unsaid understanding, bereft of any judgments.

2. ” …hero ho ka? Nei sir, Rikshawala. Yaha koi maikalal hume pehcchan nei payega …”

Movie Tamasha - Auto Driver Scene
Movie Tamasha – Auto Driver Scene

In this auto scene, Ved encounters with an autowala, who became one due to society’s pressure to have family and make ends meet. His desire to become ‘something’ has died somewhere inside him. He was a singer, a popular in his locale and had a dream of going to Bombay to pursue his talent. But due to circumstances, he had to stifle his talent and succumb to the life one is supposed to live as per the norms of the society.

3. “…tum real main don ho. Yaha tum acting kar rahe ho ….”

Movie Tamasha - Proposal Scene
Movie Tamasha – Proposal Scene

When Ved proposes Tara but she refuses because of the contrast in the personality of him as compared to the one she met at Corsica. This is the scene which spells out the problem area of his life in which he lives a dual existence and subdues his true personality.

4. “ …apni kahani mujhse puchta hain? Kayar … Tu bata apni kahani. Kya hain tere dil ke andar? Chahta kya hain tu?”

Movie Tamasha - Storyteller Scene
Movie Tamasha – Storyteller Scene

When Ved leaves his nine to five job and moves back to Shimla, he visits the storyteller, who has turned old and asks him to complete his story because he needed to hear it from somebody else.

This is one of the most important scenes in the film which liberates Ved from society’s shackles and allows him to do away with the self which was built on society’s compulsion and embrace his authentic inner-self; a storyteller.

5. “ …toh kaisi lagi kahani? Ending kharab hain na? Toh koi baat nei, apni kahani hain, ending change kar lenge …”

Movie Tamasha - Father Scene
Movie Tamasha – Father Scene

Right after coming to terms with life, Ved sits down with his parents and narrates a story which underlines his own life and contingently tells his father, he wants to become a storyteller and not a nine to five product manager. The conversation we all need to have with our parents so that the child in all of us can grow and flourish without any coercion to pursue our passion.