Queen Movie Review

Queen Movie Poster

Queen Movie

Starring: Kangana Ranaut, Raj Kumar Yadav, Lisa Hayden

Directed by: Vikas Bahl

Music: Amit Trivedi

What could have been better than watching an absolutely monopolizing woman-centric film on the proud occasion of Women’s Day! Gone are the days when the hero of the film was a fierce and good-looking man who could boggle your mind with unrealistic stunts. Bollywood is evolving and this transmutation can be best seen in a movie which makes a simple traditional girl, the hero of the film! Yes, it is Queen that I am talking about! An unusual film in every aspect, Queen brings Kangana Ranaut back to the limelight!

Plot: Queen is a heart-touching story of a simple and shy girl whose fiancé leaves her just a day before the marriage. While trying to revive herself from the heartbreak, she decides to go on her honeymoon all by herself.  What follows is an utterly maddening journey of the change this girl undergoes while exploring the unknown.

Performances: I was a fan of Kangana Ranaut’s stupendous acting skills ever since I watched her in Gangster. And today, she has unabashedly proved herself in Queen. For those who have been targeting her diction, its like a lesson for them to understand that a genuinely talented actor doesn’t require an impressive style of speech to get noticed. Kangana delivers a truly stellar performance with her perfect expressions that directly touch the heart chords. Hats-off to Kangana for having delivered such a legendary performance!

Lisa Hayden looks wondrously gorgeous and attractive. This is another girl with abundant talent and efficacy.

The supporting actors are quite intelligently chosen and have done a great job in elevating the films stature.

Music: Amit Trivedi has done a fantabulous job in composing the music for Queen. The soundtrack is very melodious and meaningful. The album boasts of eight interesting numbers that are graciously unusual. The best track of the album is “London Thumakda” which makes it  simply irresistible to shake a leg!

What’s Good: The story is simple yet unusually exceptional in its course. The characters are so realistic and relatable. The film effortlessly delivers a message so great that it leaves a permanent impression on you. The music is a good blend of soulful melodies and foot-tapping numbers. And to top it all is Kangana’s smashing performance.

What’s Bad: The screenplay could have been worked upon, especially because the movie has been shot at a very beautiful location like Paris.

Director Vikas Bahl’s Queen is truly a masterpiece! Films like these make you so proud of the exceptional virtues of a woman. The best thing about Queen is that it neither shouts for women empowerment nor talks about the miseries of a woman’s life. It just very unusually describes the innate strength of a woman. Queen is a legend and Kangana deserves a bow for this!

Verdict: Indeed, a must watch!

Rating: ****