Aam Admi Party – the road ahead

The recently held assembly elections of Delhi were important for several reasons and one of them was the emergence of the Aam Admi Party as the main opponent for the BJP that has received the majority of votes. This is a major success for the AAP as the party is now being called as it has been able to upstage a party like Congress that is presently ruling the nation in its very first attempt at this level. The magnitude of its success can be understood from the fact that before the elections no one would have thought that it would be so successful.


The party is being viewed by many as a whiff of fresh air and several political experts are of the opinion that it is the decision of the people to give them a chance, which may have contributed to the immense success of the party. It is said that in any domain the entry is always easier compared to existence. AAP has made the right start with a triumphant entry but now it will need to make sure that it can keep pushing ahead with the momentum. Here are a few things that it will need to do:


Choose the right people: They should start by choosing the right people. The basic factor should be credibility and people with criminal records or litigations against their name should not be included in the party as it would seriously hamper the image of the party. Each and every member of the party should be someone who is well respected in his or her chosen field of work.


Try and steer clear of controversies: Congress, as a party, has seen too many scams and that has been the bane of the party, which now looks doubtful to return for a third term in 2014. BJP, the other major political party in India, has the problem of its ideology and adapting it to the sensibilities of the common people. There have also been the Godhra riots that are still fresh in the mind of people. The AAP needs to make sure it stays clear of such issues so that it can try and fulfill its aim of better and transparent governance for one and all.


Populism is a strict no-no: It is okay to fight for the common people but the party should also keep in mind the issue of development. One of the main criticisms leveled against this party is that it is looking to prioritize popular interests over that of development of infrastructure and progress. The party needs to find a clear balance between both and see as to how both the areas can be developed properly without harming each other.


Increase presence around the country: The CPI-M is one of the leading parties in India in terms of its ideology and the support it receives from the Indian intelligentsia. However, till date the party is active only in West Bengal, Kerala and Tripura. AAP is a new party and it is unlikely that it will contest the 2014 national assembly polls with a view to administering the country but 2024 or even 2019 could be a realistic ambition. However, the party needs to be cautious and also not hurry in order to become a national level party or compromise its values and ideals for the same.


The road ahead is long and hard for a fledgling party like the AAP that is looking to stay true to certain ideals. It is certain that their resolve shall be tested by innumerable detractors, not to mention the various political opponents, who shall highlight its relative inexperience and also bring up every little mistake they make. It is not going to be easy but then it never is. Now it is the responsibility of AAP to make sure that it proves its supporters right and does some commendable work in Delhi.