A Happy Surprise at the Delhi-Gurgaon Toll [Video]

Is life all about hardships and more hardships? If things go wrong, can they ever go right? Are we, as Indians destined to suffer in perpetuity? This and various other questions never leave us and never leave me either.

I have been living with this mess called the “Gurgaon Toll Plaza” on a daily basis. Living it with means, living with the uncertainties of the time schedule it brings with it, messed up meetings, high irritation levels, unnecessary honks and that perpetual fear about the car in front of you or that truck just coming back by 1-2 feet and it will be all done. Something interesting has happened and we at Mapsofindia decided to share it and celebrate it in our own small way. I proposed and the team accepted my suggestion to do a small video which would immortalize this mess and leave us with a smile nevertheless. I say spare two minutes of your busy, hectic schedule and watch this, we promise you a smile, at the least 🙂