Best Places to Eat in Mahabaleshwar

5. Little Italy

Little Italy, Mahabaleshwar

Little Italy has a chic contemporary-chain kind of dining room, which marks it as a perfect view for foodies. It has a subtle ambience and is a perfect place to hang out, with both external as well as internal seating arrangements to serve its customers. So, if ever you are feeling hungry and wish to enjoy some evening snacks or dinner with your loved ones, then all we can ask for you is to try Pizza Mellino, some Nachos with Cheese, and Barbaresca pasta also called as Ravioli at this place. Most of the residents and tourists highly recommend absolutely soothing black coffee of this place, which they mark as something beyond logic!

Location: This restaurant is easily accessible as it is situated at Satara Road in Aaram Lodging and Boarding, which is next to Lake View Hotel of Mahabaleshwar.

The joints stated in this article will surely fulfil your cravings, but in between everything don’t you miss out fun at the Mapro Garden, which will treat your taste buds with freshly plucked and delicately prepared strawberries with cream. Mapro Garden is a unique venture near Mahabaleshwar and has now turned into one of the blooming brands all over India. Raspberries, mulberries, blueberries and strawberries – you can taste them here fresh from the garden, or buy jams and squashes prepared on the premises. Happy Journey!!

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