Top Places To Visit In Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh

Kakinada is one of the largest cities in Andhra Pradesh. It is also called cocanada. It is situated along the coast of the Bay of Bengal. You can travel to Kakinada by plane the nearest airport is at Rajahmundry. You can also travel by rail and on the roads. Roadway connects maximum all places in the state.

This place attracts tourists for the beautiful places, including many religious places.

Among all the places located in Kakinada, here are some of the top 5 sites one should visit while travelling to Kakinada:

  • Hope island

It is a small island placed at 16.97°N 82.35°E. Hope Island is a new island in evaluation with other islands because it was formed in the closing two hundred years within the beyond. It’s about 16kms from the principal town of Kakinada and the shore. Tourists can obtain the island using a boat from the Kakinada shore. It is probably best to pick out hope island for fishing and boating. The best time to go to the island is from March to October. Sunlight hours are the maximum best time to visit the island.

  • Coringa wildlife sanctuary

Coringa Sanctuary is a wildlife sanctuary located close to Kakinada in Andhra Pradesh, wherein the river Godavari joins the backwaters of the Bay of Bengal. It’s one of India’s 1/3 most significant stretches of mangrove forests, with nearly 24 mangrove tree species and above 120 bird species. It’s miles at a distance of approximately 15 Km from Kakinada. It is located amongst 16o-30′ to 17o-00′ N latitudes and 82o-14′ to 82o-23’E longitudes. Sanctuary additionally offers boating. The numerous birds we see are migratory birds, little cormorant, reef heron, crow pheasant, black-capped kingfisher, seagulls, flamingos, pond heron, grey heron, sandpiper, little egrets, red-wattled lapwing, blue kingfisher, pied kingfisher, Brahmini kites, and so on.

  • Shri Bhavanarayana Swamy temple

This temple is devoted to Lord Vishnu. From Kakinada, the temple is placed at 5km away. This temple is in an area known as Sarpavaram in Kakinada. The story of the temple in Sarpavaram is narrated in the Brahma Vyvarta Purana. that could be an antique temple wherein Lord Vishnu is worshipped as Bhava Narayana and Goddess Lakshmi as Rajya Laxmi.

  • Kakinada beach

It’s a 16-minute journey from Kakinada city. It also appeared for its cool breezes and great views and has one of the longest seashores. It is nonviolent and serene. The Kakinada is the most famous seaside in this area. It has masses of site visitors, and its miles are more crowded. However, the seashore is well maintained.

  • 82° EAST SRMT Mall & Multiplex

It is one of the biggest malls for shopping and gaming in Kakinada. Mall has the biggest brands in it, including theatres. It is a multi-purpose mall built-up in an area of 3,75,000 Sq.ft and consists of 4 floors along with two levels of Basement Parking, offering the best enjoyment and leaving many memories.