South Indian Bank

South Indian Bank is one of the premier banks in Thrissur that was started during the Swadeshi Movement in the city. The bank was among the first banks to be set up in the Deccan region of the country. The objective with which the bank was set up was to allow the people the scope of investment in an Indian bank and also to discourage and reduce the dependence on the unauthorized sector of the society.

An enterprising and industrious group of people of Thrissur city started the South Indian Bank in the erstwhile state of Cochin. Presently, the ICICI Bank Limited holds 11.25 percent shares in the South Indian Bank of Thrissur. The bank turned into a scheduled private sector bank under the act of Reserve Bank of India in the year 1946. RBI also granted it the permission to open a Currency Chest on its behalf in the year 1992. The bank has started the system of plastic money by initiating the credit card system in the region of South India. The bank established the Industrial Finance Branch in the year 1993. It was the first private sector bank in the region to initiate such a program.

South Indian Bank was also the first from the state of Kerela to start an overseas branch in the year 1993 to cater to the credit needs of the import and the export houses of the country. From a small banking institution, the South India Bank in Thrissur has grown to 45 extension counters and 450 branches catering to the credit needs of 19 Indian states and union territories. The headquarters of the bank is situated in the following address:

South Indian Bank Ltd.
T.B Road,
Mission Quarters,
Thrissur 680 001

Last Updated on 01/06/2013