Thrissur- Sri Kurumba Bagavaththi Temple

The excursions from Thrissur- Sri Kurumba Bagavaththi Temple are one of the most popular weekend getaways from Thrissur to one of the most revered places in South India. A trip to the sacrosanct sanctums of the Sri Kurumba Bagavaththi Temple attracts droves of tourists who eagerly sign up for the tours from Thrissur.

Located in Kodungallur, Sri Kurumba Bagavaththi Temple is one of the renowned shrines that dots the landscape of South India. The temple ensconces many Gods and Goddesses who are held in high esteem in South India. Devotees interested in offering their prayers and seeking the benediction of the holy deities must arrive at the temple either between 4 am. To 12 pm. during the day and between 4 pm. To 8 pm. at dusk.

The temple is housed in a quaint town called Kodungallur that is sited at a distance of 40 km from Thrissur. The temple enshrines innumerable venerable deities. Some of the other eminent attractions near the revered sanctums of Sri Kurumba Bagavaththi Temple include the following:
  • Kavutheendal
  • Palakkal vela sweekarikkal
  • Meena masa Bharani or the Kodungallur Bharani
  • Kodungallur Thalam sweekarikkal.
  • Kozhikallumoodal
For further information on Sri Kurumba Bagavaththi Temple, the interested reader may contact:
  • Phone No. 95-480-2803061

Last Updated on 15/06/2013