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Bhilai, which is even known as the Bhilai Nagar, is a part of the eastern central area of India. Located on the National Highway-6 or the NH-6, this city is based at a distance of around 25 km towards the western side of Raipur that is the capital city of the state of Chhattisgarh.

This place is famous for being the location of the much reputed Bhilai Steel Plant or BSP. Apart from being the biggest steel plant of the country, this steel plant gained its fame for being the sole manufacturer of rails, which are used by the Indian Railways. Besides this, the city is known for its religious unity. People belonging to different religious communities are found to reside there. This region of the district of Durg celebrates many festivals all round the year. Following are the names of some of the most important festivals celebrated there: Durga Puja, Ganesh Chathurthi, Pongal, Rath Yatra.

These festivals along with the other places of visit attract tourists from its neighbourhood as well as different other distant locations of the nation. It is even one of the best places to be visited by people, who follow the religion of Sikhism.

Best Time to visit

This city of the Durg district can be visited all through the year. However, being a place positioned towards the central part of the Indian Republic, this city experiences quite hot climatic conditions during the summer season when the temperature even rises to about 45? C. The dry and hot summer season is followed by the monsoon, when the area receives medium rainfall. Keeping all these in mind, the best time to visit this Chhattisgarh city is during the winter season, when Bhilai experiences a mild and pleasant weather. To be precise, this place can be best visited during the period in between the months of October and March.

Places to see in and around Bhilai

This city of India has got several places of interest which are visited by people who stay within its proximity as well as who come from distant locations. To name a few of them are:
  • Bhilai Lakes- Located next to the Maitri Bagh these two are huge man-made lakes. One of them is used for supplying water to the city whereas; the other is used for B.S.P.'s applications.

  • Civic Center- This L-shaped architectural structure is the sole hub for entertainment with social activities and shopping within the city. The place even includes a decorated garden within its premises which is presently used for teaching traffic signals and signs to children.

  • Deobaloda Temple- Devoted to God Shiva this is an old temple located within the proximity of the city.

  • Dhamdha Palace- Situated at a nearby place named Dhamdha this is an ancient palace of this area.

  • Jayanti Stadium- Based at Indira Place this is one of the major stadiums in Bhilai.

  • Kala Mandir- Positioned just beside the Civic Center it is an air conditioned community center. Earlier this place used to be the sole movie theater in Bhilai.

  • Kali Bari- This temple dedicated to Goddess Kali is located in sector ? 6 of this city.

  • Maitri Bagh- With its literal meaning ?friendship garden? this garden cum zoo was established by the BSP as a symbol of friendship between India and USSR.

  • Pant Stadium- This is another famous stadium of Bhilai and is located in sector ? 1 of this city.

  • Tandula- It is a beautiful picnic spot positioned within the vicinity of this city of India.

Apart from the tourist attractions mentioned above this place has got a number of other places of visit in and around it. Listed below are the names of some of those tourist spots:

  • Balod

  • Barnawapara

  • Dongargarh

  • Hajra Waterfalls

  • Khakara

  • Nagpura Jain Temples

  • Siyadevi

How to Reach Bhilai

Nearest Airport

The city is not featured with any airport of its own. Thus, the Raipur Airport that is the airport located in the capital city of its state serves the people travelling to and from the place through airways. The distance in between this airport and Bhilai is approximately 42 km.

Nearest Railway Station

Situated on the main rail line of the Howrah ? Mumbai route, this city has got 4 railway stations within its geographical boundary, all of which serves the place. Among them the Durg Railway Station is the most widely used one since numerous major trains on that line stops there. The other nearby railway stations connecting the area to different destinations are, as follows: Bhilai Nagar Railway Station, Bhilai Power House Railway Station, Bhilai Railway Station.


This steel city, being a major industrial region, is not much known for shopping. However, the place houses some good market areas, which provides different options for shopping to both its residents as well as tourists. Civic Center, one of the oldest shopping places, is among the favorable shopping destinations of the locals. This place gives opportunity to get indulged in long time shopping that attracts shop lovers the most. The other two famous shopping complexes of this city are Akash Ganga and Gangotri. Apart from selling various types of modernized products, these market places of Bhilai even offers varied local handcrafted items.

Last Updated on: 14/10/2013