Gundala Church

Gundala Church is perched on top of a hillock on the eastern side of the Gundala town near Vijayawada. As far as popular information is concerned, Reverend Arlati who was the then rector of St Mary's Church, established a beautiful sculpture of Our Lady in 1825. The Gundala Church was later constructed and dedicated to her hallowed presence within the church. The church is now known as St Mary's Church, and popularly known as the Gundala Matha Shrine irrespective of caste, creed and religion.

The Gundala Church experiences a mass spillover with the annual event of Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes held in the month of February. A colorful fair takes place during this festival that attracts thousands of pilgrims from the city of Vijayawada and across. The church is held in high regard for the affectionate statue of Our Lady and is known for her benevolence. The sacred church is one of the most visited pilgrimage and travel attractions in Vijayawada.

Last Updated on: 9/05/2013