Which Indian State is the Largest Producer of Coffee?

Map of India Highlighting the Largest Coffee Producing State
Map of India depicting the largest coffee producing state in the country

The state of Karnataka is the largest producer of coffee in India.

The state contributed about 70% of the total coffee production in India during 2019-20 with 203,445 MT coffee production. The main variety of coffee grown in Karnataka is Robusta, but the state also produces a small quantity of Arabica. The state witnesses suitable climatic conditions, high altitude, sloppy mountains, and adequate rainfall, which are favourable for coffee plantation. The coffee plantation takes place in the district of Chikkamagaluru, Hassan, and Kodagu in Karnataka.

During 2018-19, Karnataka produced 219,550 metric tonnes of coffee comprising of 67,950 metric tonnes of Arabica and 151,600 metric tonnes of Robusta. The year 2019-20’s state production saw an overall decline of 16,105 metric tonnes in the coffee production compared to the post-blossom estimate for 2018-19. The production of Arabica during 2019-20 was 60,870 metric tonnes and has fallen by 7,080 metric tonnes, and that of Robusta was 142,575 metric tonnes, which fell by 9,025 metric tonnes. The district of Kodagu produced 107,175 metric tonnes of coffee comprising 17,100 metric tonnes of Arabica and 90,075 metric tonnes of Robusta. Kodagu was followed by Chikkamagaluru district, which produced 68,600 metric tonnes of coffee comprising of 29,300 metric tonnes of Arabica and 39,300 metric tonnes of Robusta.

In India, coffee is grown mostly in the southern states of Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and some parts of Andhra Pradesh. Some north-eastern states of India also produce coffee. The history of coffee production in India goes back to the 16th-century Sufi saint Baba Budan, who brought back “seven seeds” of “Mocha” coffee beans from Yemen, and planted them on “Baba Budan Giris” in Karnataka. Gradually coffee plantation spread across south India, and by the 18th century, the commercial plantations of coffee started.

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