More From LA Auto Show 2019: Fabled SC2 Concept and ID-Space Vizzion Electric Concept

Karma Automotive Fabled SC2 Concept and Volkswagen ID-Space Vizzion Electric Concept to debut at LA Motor Show 2019

Karma Automotive introduces its fabled SC2 Concept

California based Karma Automotive has brought something delightful to this year’s LA Auto show. With the event being held very close to their headquarter in Los Angeles, the company was bound to show up with some fresh models. They’ve taken this as a perfect opportunity to showcase their SC2 Concept car.

Styling is straight out of the Grand Turismo handbook, with a long dominating hood-line and an extremely quick mid-to-rear transition. The two-seater electric sportscar is well through the supercar category with some impressive figures on the performance chart. The car features beautifully crafted butterfly doors, which might be the biggest in its class. The cabin is a perfect blend of luxury and high-tech experience and sports a plethora of tiny high-definition cameras and motion-sensing equipment. The cameras and sensors capture and record a digital image of the car and its driving patterns and then, re-create those driving experiences as simulations. This is to enable owners to record and recreate their favorite driving experiences while remaining stationary with the car in Park.

Performance figures are “through the roof” with the two electric motors churning out eleven hundred horsepower, equally distributed to all four wheels. The Karma SC2 can do 0-100kmph in just 1.9 seconds, which is even beyond IC-engine powered supercar territory. All this, and it still claims a range of almost six hundred kilometers on a single charge.

The electric-super also features a torque-vectoring transmission unit to maintain power distribution at all wheels while dominating corners. It also gets a motorsport-inspired pushrod suspension unit to keep its body afloat when doing lightning-fast maneuvers. Safety comes as courtesy of its Carbon-ceramic brake units.

Though all figures are currently based on digital tests and simulations, the car is indeed a working prototype. Its technology will be key to developing cars of our next-door future.

The SC2 concept will be displayed for the entire duration of the auto show from 22nd November till the 1st December.

Volkswagen displays the ID-Space Vizzion Electric Concept

The latest addition to Volkswagen’s ID electric family is the Space Vizzion concept and after a brief tease earlier this year, it has been officially introduced at the LA auto show.

It is built on the company’s Modular Electric-Drive Matrix, as are the other models and features a brand-new package design. Small components make it possible for the battery arrangement to be laid out on the floor of the car and help save lots of space. This allows quite some creative space for adjustment to the vehicle’s overall architecture.

The car is powered by a 275 hp equivalent electric motor mounted at the rear end, and gets an optional second, to boost the total output to over 350 hp. Juiced by an eighty-two-kilowatt hour battery, it has a projected range of almost six hundred kilometers on a single charge. The absence of an IC engine has provided designers with lots of space to play with aerodynamics, enabling them to bring down its drag coefficient to a super low 0.24.

Ducts in the front bumper allow for the extra airflow to go clean through the body dynamics, pushing it to the rear. A slender white strip of light, garnishing the Volkswagen logo on the front, runs on either side.

The front also features LED matrix headlamps with seamless integration into the front bumper. Another distinct feature of the ID family DNA in the Space VIZZION is the honeycomb styled DRLs.

The car rides on 22-inch aluminium alloy wheels with five aerodynamic flaps inspired from turbines, that aid in managing airflow around wheel-arches. One can beautifully see transitioning surfaces causing a “connected” vibe all around the car.

The cabin gets an augmented reality heads-up display unit, which replaces the conventional cockpit styling, leaving only vital displays on the dashboard. The inside is surprisingly spacious and gives off the feeling of a luxury car interior. The concept car gets seating for four, though the option of three seats is also available in the production model. The interior space allowance has been beautifully worked with, and fold-out consoles, storage areas, bottle holders and multiple USB charging ports make for quite the user-friendly environment.

A 15.6-inch floating touch-screen unit controls all infotainment, comfort, online connectivity and vehicle settings. There is a brand new multi-functional steering wheel with an ergonomic shift lever on the right-hand side. The steering wheel also gets capacitive touch panels for system controls. The shift lever cleverly functions through the automatic gear settings by not just shifting up and down but is turned to either side. This has caused the windshield wiper to be unconventionally on the left – a first for a VW car.

More From LA Auto Show 2019: Fabled SC2 Concept and ID-Space Vizzion Electric Concept
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More From LA Auto Show 2019: Fabled SC2 Concept and ID-Space Vizzion Electric Concept
The Los Angeles Auto Show has kicked off in the United States on November 22, 2019. Karma Automotive has introduced its SC2 Concept car in the auto show while Volkswagen has introduced the new addition in its ID electric family which is Space Vizzion concept. Read about both the cars here in detail.