Top 20 Indian Companies by Net Profit in 2019

Top 20 Indian Companies by Net Profit in 2019
Top 20 Indian Companies by Net Profit in 2019
Top Indian companies by net profit in 2019

Despite the global business slowdown, India remains on track as a growing economy, and the government aims to make India a $5 trillion economy by 2025. That may be a tall order given the current global economic situation.

However, the Indian economy continues to be driven by these Top 20 companies by net profit.

All figures in Rupee Crore; as per data available data on Nov. 28, 2019

1. Reliance Industries Ltd

Net Profit: Rs 35,163.00

Market Cap: Rs 1,001,555.42

Total Assets (March 2019): Rs 562,517.00

Industry: Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Telecom, Media

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) is the world’s largest processor of crude oil and has its refinery in Jamnagar, Gujarat. The company has recently joined hands with Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest crude oil producer, to set up the world’s largest chemicals processing unit in Maharashtra.

2. TCS

Net Profit: Rs 30,065.00

Market Cap: Rs 779,501.64

Total Assets (March 2019): Rs 78,931.00

Industry: IT Services, Software Development

Tata Consultancy Services Limited is the most profitable company of the Tata Group of companies. The company is the most profitable among all IT majors in India.


Net Profit: Rs 26,715.79

Market Cap: Rs 167,569.32

Total Assets (March 2019): Rs 224,586.13

Industry: Oil Exploration, Oil Refinery

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation was established as a private company in 1956. The company is involved in the production and processing of Crude Oil, Natural Gas, and LPG.

4. HDFC Bank

Net Profit: Rs 21,078.17

Market Cap: Rs 692,616.47

Total Assets (March 2019): Rs 1,244,540.69

Industry: Banking, Financial Services

HDFC Bank is the most profitable among private sector banks in India. Its three main areas of operation are Wholesale Banking Services, Retail Banking Services, Treasury.

5. IOC

Net Profit: Rs 16,894.15

Market Cap: Rs 124,784.68

Total Assets (March 2019): Rs 191,917.42

Industry: Petrochemicals, Crude Oil Refining, Petroleum Products Distribution

Indian Oil Corporation Limited is the largest distributor of petroleum products, including petrol, diesel, automotive oils, lubricants, and kerosene. It operates the largest network of petrol and diesel pumps in India.

6. Infosys

Net Profit: Rs 14,702.00

Market Cap: Rs 298,794.61

Total Assets (March 2019): Rs 62,711.00

Industry: IT Services, Software Development

Infosys Limited is India’s second most profitable IT company behind TCS. The companies specialize in IT services to these segments; Financial, Life Sciences, and Healthcare, Energy and Utility, and Consumer Packaged Goods and Logistics.

7. ITC

Net Profit: Rs 12,464.32

Market Cap: Rs 302,984.85

Total Assets (March 2019): Rs 57,957.68

Industry: Cigarettes Manufacturing, Hospitality, Paperboards, and related products, Retail, FMCG, Agri-products and Food Processing


Net Profit: Rs 11,749.89

Market Cap: Rs 114,331.61

Total Assets (March 2019): Rs 242,609.15

Industry: Power Generation

NTPC Limited is India’s largest company in power generation, covering the entire value chain of power generation business. Besides generating power, the company is involved in power trading, coal mining, and ash utilization.

9. Tata Steel

Net Profit: Rs 10,533.19

Market Cap: Rs 48,664.35

Total Assets (March 2019): Rs 99,388.99

Industry: Steel and related products manufacturing

Tata Steel Limited is India’s most profitable steel manufacturing company. Headquartered in Jamshedpur, the company manufactures a wide range of products, including steel sheets, wires, tubes, Ferroalloys, ball bearings, hand tools, etc.

10. Coal India

Net Profit: Rs 10,469.67

Market Cap: Rs 126,859.76

Total Assets (March 2019): Rs 13,997.39

Industry: Coal Exploration, Mining, and Processing, Gas

Coal India Limited is the largest coal-producing company in the world and has been granted a Maharatna status by the Government.

11. Power Grid Corp

Net Profit: Rs 9,938.55

Market Cap: Rs 102,539.16

Total Assets (March 2019): Rs 194,356.65

Industry: Power Distribution

Power Grid Corporation of India Limited is India’s largest public-sector company in power distribution.

12. HDFC

Net Profit: Rs 9,632.46

Market Cap: Rs 398,995.64

Total Assets (March 2019): Rs 442,621.15

Industry: Housing Finance

Housing Development Finance Corporation is a leading company in loans for housing, commercial property development, banking, life and general insurance, venture capital, deposits, and asset management.

13. JSW Steel

Net Profit: Rs 8,259.00

Market Cap: Rs 63,802.53

Total Assets (March 2019): Rs 67,278.00

Industry: Steel, Cement, Energy, Infrastructure

JSW Steel Limited is a diversified company with steel manufacturing as its core activity.

14. HCL Tech

Net Profit: Rs 8,185.00

Market Cap: Rs 153,681.64

Total Assets (March 2019): Rs 30,471.00

Industry: IT Services, Software Development

HCL Technologies Limited is India’s third most profitable IT services company after TCS and Infosys. Its range of service offerings includes BPO, remote infrastructure management, infrastructure services, etc.

15. Hindustan Zinc Limited

Net Profit: Rs 7,956.00

Market Cap: Rs 90,865.49

Total Assets (March 2019): Rs 36,143.00

Industry: Zinc and Lead Manufacturing

Hindustan Zinc Limited is India’s largest and only integrated producer of zinc and lead.

16. Wipro Limited

Net Profit: Rs 7,614.00

Market Cap: Rs 136,996.18

Total Assets (March 2019): Rs 54,466.20

Industry: IT Services, BPO, Lighting, FMCG, Infrastructure Engineering

Wipro Limited started in FMCG and later diversified into lighting, IT services and BPO. It is India’s fourth-largest IT company by net profit.

17. Maruti Suzuki

Net Profit: Rs 7,500.60

Market Cap: Rs 219,258.77

Total Assets (March 2019): Rs 46,291.10

Industry: Automobile Manufacturing

Maruti Suzuki India Limited is India’s largest passenger car manufacturer and having the largest dealer network for passenger cars in the country.

18. BPCL

Net Profit: Rs 7,132.02

Market Cap: Rs 110,621.04

Total Assets (March 2019): Rs 63,947.00

Industry: Petroleum distribution, LPG distribution

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited is a major distributor of petrol, diesel, and kerosene, along with Indian Oil. It also offers aviation turbine fuels (ATF), lubricants, LPG distribution (BharatGas).

19. Power Finance Corporation

Net Profit: Rs 6,952.92

Market Cap: Rs 30,888.95

Total Assets (March 2019): Rs 338,526.71

Industry: Power Sector Financing

Power Finance Corporation Limited is a public sector company involved in financing various power sector related infrastructure financing. It also offers consultancy services in related areas.

20. Larsen & Toubro

Net Profit: Rs 6,677.70

Market Cap: Rs 189,462.43

Total Assets (March 2019): Rs 62,742.29

Industry: Engineering, Manufacturing, Construction, Cement, Finance, Defence, Consultancy

Larsen & Toubro is a diversified group with a strong reputation for professional services and high-quality manufacturing. In addition to the above-mentioned sectors, L&T is fast emerging as a major manufacturer in defence.

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