Believe the “hype” about Hype!

Nestled in the historic Lutyen’s Delhi, Shangri-La’s-Eros Hotel is the favored address for guests from around the world. This hotel is aptly located in the heart of New Delhi, amidst beautifully landscaped gardens, with amazing recreational and business feasibilities, providing a arcadian retreat for the world traveler. The complete splendour of the hotel hits you as you stride down the magnificent lobby and embrace Shangri-La hospitality; the best in luxury awaits you.

A DJ Aqeel venture, Hype is his brainchild to ensure that party loving people have a premium party spot in Delhi. In the recent years, Hype has achieved new heights of success and is very popular amongst youngsters. Known for hosting the best nights, it is one of the most visited pubs in Delhi. With eye-popping décor, flashing lights and loads of glitz, it is surely a treat for the eyes. Promising entertainment from the top DJs, it will definitely sweep you off your feet. Entertainers from across the globe are to be found here. The entry fee is upwards of Rs 4000 for a couple, unless you are on the guest list, highlighting that it prides itself on exclusivity. Hype is one of the premium night clubs in Delhi in which you can’t get in on the guest list entry unless you are rolling in a suave ride with loads of supermodels! Though the timings are from 10pm to 3am, the crowd sets in only after 12. The place becomes more alive with each passing minute into the night. The most crowded day being the Saturday! The Staff is very considerate and courteous.

Food and Beverage:

Choose from wines, vodkas, shots and single malts or chill with a cocktail; the Hype Iced Tea and Manhattan are great picks. If you’re not much into the alcohol, there are many themed mocktails such as Striptease and Stepmom. Scrumptious continental and Italian appetizers compliment the drinks beautifully. Being a pure vegetarian I haven’t had a chance of trying the non-vegetarian cuisine, however I have heard that the Italian Chicken is absolutely mouth-watering and so is the lasagne.

Certainly an amazing place to gnaf, this club ranks high on my list. Taking lifestyle clubbing to a new level, Hype undeniably lives up to its hype!