Yes, we can spoil the party

The Nehru-Gandhi family has been enjoying one long, lavish party in India for almost 100 years now. There has been blood, no doubt, but the party which started with Pandit Motilal Nehru assuming Indian National Congress’ Presidency in 1919 hasn’t stopped yet. I am sure, it will not stop, till we all decide to spoil the party.

The British couldn’t have ruled for a day, if only we were united against their opposition. The Nehru-Gandhis’ can’t survive this decade if we get people to vote in 2014. Yes, if everyone in India who keeps a political opinion pledges to cast his vote, this party is gone. It will be over. The biggest challenge which wisdom has to conquer for India to flourish is to get the stakeholders to cast their vote. A National Polio Eradication Mission kind of initiative, which makes it known in simple language “Ek bhi voter choot gaya, Sara Bharat toot gaya/ doob gaya”.

We have an year and a few months to go and only our votes can save us from this. The ideal case would be to have someone who unites this nation, someone the whole nation would be proud of and rally around. In absence of this consensus candidate, best would be to vote for anyone who has never joined hands with the Congress, to get to power at the Center or at the State level. This would eliminate almost all political parties including many of the so-called Communist outfits, Congress offshoots like TMC, Samajvadis, Mayawatis etc. We must make people understand that voting for anyone who has ever  been aligned with the Congress is worse than voting for the Congress. They will not be able to stand on their own and as a result would get into negotiations over different portfolios and so on. At the end, the remote control would remain with the Nehru-Gandhi family.

The time has come to initiate a movement independent of Election Commission to motivate people to make a pledge and vote. It is all about numbers. When it comes to numbers, only numbers can beat numbers. The number of opinion holders, versus number of  en-block voters would change the game, would change our India.