Why aren’t teams from northeast in mainstream of Indian cricket?

The BCCI is known to operate in inexplicable ways in several regards starting from the way its administration is structured to the way that it has refused to be a part of the Right to Information (RTI) Act. One more strange decision is to leave out the northeastern states from the purview of its administration. There are several reasons as to why one feels so:


Athleticism: The Indian cricketers are not always the fastest on the field and their overall lack of athleticism often contributes them to missing out on important moments in the game. Northeastern people are athletic by nature and could contribute significantly on that regard – they are capable of bowling quick on a consistent basis, yet another area where India is lacking at the moment. One only needs to look at the make-up of the national soccer team in order to understand the point that is being made here. Our best players in the last decade have been from the hills – Bhaichung Bhutia, Sunil Chhetri and Rennedy Singh. Even most of the players are from the northeastern states such as Manipur, Mizoram and Sikkim.


Conditions: The hills of northeast are ideal for playing any sport around the year. The Indian team can use these facilities when they prepare for tours to England and New Zealand since the conditions are so similar, especially, in terms of temperature.


Overall development of the game: The talent base in India is limited at the moment and it needs to be explored properly if the wealthiest cricketing nation is to make sure it continues to do well in international cricket. For that to happen the game needs to spread around the country and the hinterlands, such as the northeast as well as Santhal areas, need to be explored properly. The talents over here need to be developed so that India is in a position to produce fit cricketers that can challenge other countries on a consistent basis.


What has to be done?

 Following are certain ways in which the BCCI can invest in the helping the cricket scenario in these states:


  • To start with, there has to be grassroots development in these areas. Cricket needs to be made a part of the curriculum of the schools. The BCCI can also follow the model that was followed in South African townships by setting up free coaching centers with good equipment so that interested people can learn the game properly.
  • There needs to be a proper structure of clubs in these states so that the cricketers can keep playing on a consistent and understand the challenges that face them. This will also help the selectors understand who the best players are and pick them consistently.
  • Some states in the northeast play in the Under 19s already. These states should be allowed to play in the lower levels of Ranji Trophy so that the good players from these states can gain more exposure, possibly play in the IPL and progress from thereon by even playing for the national team!


One could say that their facilities are not up to the mark, and that would be the sole excuse I believe, but perhaps as the parent body it is the responsibility of the BCCI to welcome them into the fold and help them develop the facilities. The northeastern part of India is filled with talented and enthusiastic athletes. It will be sheer shame if this wonderful pool is allowed to go down the drain.

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