Mint Tea: Its benefits and Recipe

Pudina Chai (Mint Tea) is an Indian masala chai variation. Putting mint leaves to the tea gives it a distinct taste and improves its nutritional content. This herbal tea is mild and fragrant on chilly winter or rainy days, making it a fantastic beverage to enjoy. Taking a drink after a big meal might also help with heartburn and bloating.

Benefits of Pudina Chai:

  • Pudina Chai’s Detoxifying Effects Mint is an excellent plant for cleansing the body, therefore drinking this tea will have the same effect.
  • If you’re suffering from a cold, Pudina Chai is recommended. You’ll feel a difference right away.
  • It’s good for your intestines. It aids digestion while also reducing gas and bloating.
  • The immune system benefits of drinking mint tea are well known.
  • This tea’s jaggery base warms the body and boosts immunity.
  • This pudina tea is so refreshing after a long day that just one cup will put a smile on your face.

Ingredients for Pudina Chai:

  • Make this tea using mint leaves that are fresh and green.
  • You may use any of your favourite black tea leaves for this. Teabags or loose tea leaves may be used.
  • Adding fresh ginger significantly enhances the minty taste of the leaves, making it a perfect pairing.
  • For a creamier chai, use whole (full-fat) milk. Skim milk may be substituted if desired, but it’s not required. Vegan chai may be made using soy or other plant-based milk.
  • Powdered jaggery is used to sweeten this tea. Anyone will like the combination of jaggery with ginger and mint leaves. You may use white granulated sugar or brown sugar instead of the jaggery, or you can use sugar-free replacements in its stead.
  • Always use dark brown organic jaggery if you’re using it. Chemicals are used to brighten the colour of the jaggery. It may be visually appealing, yet it is harmful to one’s health.
  • If you don’t have time to prepare your chai masala powder, you may use store-bought chai masala. Homemade masala is superior to store-bought and far less expensive.

How to make Pudina Chai?

  • Combine 2 cups of water, one teaspoon masala, and one ground ginger.
  • Include water, chai masala powder, and Ginger in a saucepan.
  • On medium-high heat, bring a gentle boil.
  • Bring the mixture to a boil.
  • Let it boil for around 3-4 minutes on low heat.
  • Cook for another two minutes after adding two teaspoons tea leaves and a half cup of whole (full-fat) milk.
  • Sauté 15-20 mint leaves for 30 seconds before removing from heat. After adding the mint leaves, do not overheat the tea or become bitter.
  • Two tablespoons of powdered jaggery should be added to the tea after it has been strained.
  • Serve the tea hot in serving glasses.
  • Alternatively, pour the tea into serving glasses and top with jaggery before serving.

Pudina Chai is a warming winter beverage that one can enjoy in place of your usual tea. As a digestive aid, you may drink it after meals. Set out a few biscuits or other treats to go along with your tea.