Know about the unique birds of India

India has a lot of unique and gorgeous colourful species of birds, including beautiful birds like Great Indian Hornbill, Great Indian Bustard, Green Avadavat and Sunbird. The western ghats of India are like a home to thousands of endemic and endangered species of birds, reptiles, and mammals. Western ghats contain a diversity of natural parks, and these rare species are the gems of the natural park.

Here are the unique species of birds that are found only in India:

  • The Himalayan Quail

The Himalayan Quail is a medium-sized quail found only in the western Himalayas and northwest India. This endangered bird is one of the rarest birds globally and unique in India. The Himalayan Quail usually lives in damp grasslands, steep hillsides, and particularly tall grass. It looks pretty similar to the Manipur Bush-quails. The Quail are found in small folk of five or six birds and fly only to close quarters.

  • Malabar Parakeet

The Blue-Winged Parakeet, also known as Malabar Parakeet, is an endemic bird of the Western Ghats of India. The Malabar Parakeet has beautifully coloured feathers. The female Malabar Parakeet has a grey face, a black beak and a dark black collar, and The male bird has a bluish-green shade on the front of his face near his red beak and a black and luminous bluish-green Double collar. The Malabar parrot is one of India’s most beautiful and delicate coloured birds.

  • Kerala Laughingthrush

The Kerala Laughingthrush is also known as Nilgiri Laughingthrush. This bird is a unique species found only in the Southern India hills. The Nilgiri Laughingthrush is discovered in pairs, whereas small birds are mainly found in Palani Hills and Annamalai Hills in Tamil Nadu. The Kerala Laughingthrush has a grey-brown crown and grey cheeks. The throat of this beautiful bird is rusty brown with fine brown streaks on the white patch. The wings and tails are olive-brown.

  • Malabar Trogon

The Malabar Trogon is an adorable bird species of the trogon family that is endemic to the forests of western ghats and hills of south India. Malabar Trogon nests are usually made on rotting trees or stumps and only feed insects and fruits. These birds are beautifully coloured. The male bird has a salty blackhead, and wing coverts are black with fine white vermiculation. The female lacks the contrasting black or crimson and breast shades with olive-brown. The species of Tragon bird is also known as one of the most beautiful birds of the Indian Subcontinent.

  • Nilgiri Flycatcher

The Black and Orange Flycatcher is a species of flycatcher that is endemic to the central and southern Western Ghats. The beautiful and unique flycatcher is found in the high elevation of the Nilgiri and Palni hill ranges. The size of this bird is similar to the size of a sparrow. The Black-and-orange Flycatcher has black feathers, an orange throat, and a breast.