All Cricket and no Hockey will make India lose its national game

When it comes to cricket the only thing that boggles my mind is why cricket receives so much of attention and not other sports? Most of us are even not not aware of the fact that despite being so popular cricket does not happen to be the national sport of our country. There was once a sport called hockey which apparently is still the national game of the country.

 I would completely agree that it is the people of any country that contributes the most into making a sport popular. But the next question is if cricket is so popular that we don’t even remember our national game why do we still have hockey as our national game?

 Is it because of the immense spending and corruption involved in the game, or the kind of attention and fan following it has received? I would say there has been a lot of effort been put under to bring cricket up as a sport. Companies like Nike, Adidas, Puma etc have chosen cricketing to be their advertising platform 90% of the times.

 Further to the demise of hockey, one thing for sure is the golden era has preceded the television platform in India. Hardly anyone would even remember a hockey player’s name from India.

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