6 Best Agatha Christie Novels for the Mystery Lover

Anyone who loves a good mystery novel is well acquainted with one author’s name. The queen of crime herself, Agatha Christie!

Agatha Christie
Agatha Christie

If you’re a book reader who loves the mystery genre, then you know the rush of anxiety before finding out who the killer is. The wild chase until the end of the grand plot twists we couldn’t have seen coming in our wildest dreams.

Anyone who loves a good mystery novel is well acquainted with one author’s name. The queen of crime herself, Agatha Christie!

As a teenager, I have spent countless nights tossing and turning, trying to outwit the detective and guessing who the killer is beforehand if there’s one author who always beats me, Agatha Christie and her excellent detective Hercule Poirot.

Most of the victims in her book die by poisoning as Agatha has a great knowledge about poisons and medicines from her time serving as a nurse during the war.

Not only is she the queen of crime and mystery, but she also has the gift of simplicity. Her stories don’t put a grand spectacle or seem out of the ordinary until you’re sucked into her world and cannot leave without finding out the truth. There is nothing like a classic mystery novel and an all-night battle of brains.

For those who are new to Agatha’s works, here are 6 of her best novels:

  1. And then there were none – The well-known novel that has inspired countless television and film adaptations. It is the story of ten people who are all invited to an island by a rich man. On reaching the island, they find out that they’re all going to be murdered! What comes next is an incredible and engaging chase of who is after the murders. To this date, this novel is one of the ten highest-selling books of all time.
  2. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd – This novel is known for its distinct writing style, it contains Agatha’s famous detective, Hercule Poirot, but he is missing his partner Hastings. Instead, he is joined by the local doctor in the area who narrates the story. The ending will genuinely shock you.
  3. Crooked House – This book ‘Crooked House’ was named by Agatha, the writer herself, as one of her best works. She called this book ‘A joy to create. The story is about a murdered patriarch head in a wealthy family. The novel contains many strong and interesting characters, making it tough to decide whom to believe—another book with an ending that will leave you feeling well satisfied and content.
  4. The Mysterious Affair at Styles – According to Agatha Christie’s official website, Agatha was given a challenge by her sister to write a novel where all the clues and hints would be available to the readers, yet they won’t be able to find out the real killer until the big reveal. The result was this novel. Let’s say Agatha took her sister’s challenge and won!
  5. The ABC Murders – If you’ve ever read a classic serial killer on the loose and detective trying to find the connection between the victim’s storyline. This is the book that introduced this plot to everyone. The fast-paced novel contains swift turns that you won’t see coming, right until the very end.
  6. Murder on the Orient Express – Another novel that has been turned into numerous tv shows and a full-fledged movie is a famous work about a murder that takes place on a train. The unusual setting and narrow list of suspects is truly a pleasure to read and a mental exercise to deduce who the killer might be.

Agatha mostly was known for writing psychological thrillers that would give the readers the joy of reading and putting their wits to the test. What do all of her books have in common? They’re all unputdownable.