Are We Really United?


In my opinion we Indians do not stand as a wall to fight for anything or everything which is negative that is happening in our society/country.

When Hindu “Rajas” and “Maharajas” ruled India, we were a happy nation. Then Muslims invaded our country and conquered our land we didn’t resisted much. Again in the 17th century, English people came and we gave our nation to them as a gift. Even after independence we gave 1/3rd of Kashmir to China and 1/3rd Kashmir to Pakistan. And we haven’t stop only at this; not many know that we also lost some ground in the Kargil war too. The question is what are we and why aren’t we doing anything. Most of the people who have read till now must be thinking why isn’t the writer doing anything about this? That’s the problem, we all need to come together and be united, and this cannot be accomplished by only one person. We have to understand that democracy is our strength not weakness. I appreciate that what our Government is doing and will do, but is it enough? Our neighboring country is making bombs and we are making cars and fridges. Its time we need strong leaders who not only know the meaning of democracy but, dictatorship as well.

An eye for an eye will make the world blind but sometime an eye for a hand will also do and that what our leaders need to understand. We lack good leaders who understand the demand of the time. Above all strong laws should be made and strong implementation should be there.


Can We Really Stand United?

Now, you answer me…..