Cherrapunji – Godly Rainy City – Cleanest weather – Must Visit in India

If you wish to enjoy nature with heavy rainfalls and nature friendly state , then it has to be shillong and Cherapunjee
Nature friendly Shillong and Cherapunjee - a travellers delight
Cherrapunji is a godly state where rains and water is in abundance and since we are in Top there, you feel Godly
Seven sister falls is a must place to visit North east India where you can see rains, Waterfalls, clean sky, no pollution and absolute fresh oxygen.

Cherrapunji is a Godly gifted state with so much to explore and feel that you actually feel you are in heaven. When you visit the place, you will come to know of following things :

  1. The place is full of nature. Full of Trees , ferns, plants ….amazing
  2. Food (especially non veg ) is easily available . Veg of course is there nut may not be so tasty unless you go to places like Jiva (Best place to eat). Momos are also available on the streets and also maggi.
  3. It takes about 3 to 4 hours car drive to reach cherapunji. Two things are must. Falls and cave . The caves are awesome and must visit places.
  4. Its always rainy weather so better if you can take water proof jackets to enjoy the place.
  5. Its costly city as compared to other tourist places in India and bargaining also is required .
  6. The place and oxygen you get there is too good and natural .