Which is the tallest peak of peninsular India?

Tallest Peak of Peninsular India
Map of India showing the Tallest Peak of Peninsular India

Anaimudi is the highest peak of peninsular India.

Peninsular India comprises Deccan Plateau and mountain ranges – Aravali, Vindhya, Satpura, Western Ghats and Eastern Ghats. Among these mountain ranges, Western Ghat Mountain range is the highest. In fact, the top 3 peaks of peninsular India are located in Western Ghat range.

Located at the junction of the Cardamom Hills, Anaimalai Hills and Palani Hills, Anaimudi/Anamudi Peak of Munnar, Kerala, has an elevation of 2,695 meters above sea level. The name Anaimudi literally translates to “elephant’s forehead”.

Meesapulimala (Idukki, Kerala) is the second highest peak of Peninsular India with an elevation of 2640 meters above sea level. Doddabetta (Nilgiri, Tamil Nadu), located near Ooty, is the third highest peak with and elevation of 2,637 meters.

Eastern Ghats are older than Western Ghats. With an elevation of 1,680 meters, Arma Konda/Sitamma Konda peak (Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh) is the highest peak of Eastern Ghats.

Aravali range is the oldest mountain range of India. Guru Shikhar (Mount Abu, Rajasthan) is the highest peak of Aravali range with an elevation of 1,772 meters above sea level. Dhupgarh (Madhya Pradesh) is the highest peak of Satpura Range with an elevation of 1350 meters above the sea level. Similarly, with an elevation of 752 meters above sea level, Kalumar Peak/Sadbhavna Peak (Mandu, Madhya Pradesh) is the highest peak of Vindhya Range.

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