Kitchen – Your One Stop Beauty Destination

Kitchen - Your One Stop Beauty Destination
Kitchen ingredients which will solve all your skin and hair problems.
Kitchen - Your One Stop Beauty Destination
Kitchen ingredients which will solve all your skin and hair problems.

Kitchen – it’s the place where the heart of the home is. If you were to count how many times you enter your kitchen, you would probably lose count. Most of the time you enter your kitchen, you are dealing with either taking food out to eat or preparing food to be gobbled. However, do you know that the kitchen holds the answer to all your beauty-related questions also? Be it skin, hair, or any other beauty-related queries that have been keeping you up all day and night long, visit your kitchen, of course after reading this blog, and see the answer unfolding right in front of your eyes.

Being a woman, one can imagine the horror when we find ourselves having a bad hair day or worst see hair fall. Now, try and revisit the time when you have wasted your hard-earned money in salons to get rid of the problem. Well, all that could have been avoided, had you made just a trip to your kitchen and sought the refuge of these amazing hacks.

So, let’s see what boons kitchen hold for us as far as our hair is concerned:

1. Onion juice

Are you suffering from massive hair fall then onion juice is the answer for you. As onion juice contains a high amount of sulphur, it improves blood circulation, thereby making the hair re-grow.

2. Coconut oil and milk

This is one hack that has been passed on to us from generations. A gentle, hot massage with coconut oil not only strengthens the roots of our hair but also prevents them from any further damage. 

Another coconut hack that has proved immensely beneficial is extracting coconut milk (after blending it) and mixing it with half a lemon and 4-5 drops of lavender oil. This mixture would provide the hair with much-needed fat and potassium that would prevent further breakage.

3. Indian Gooseberry (Amla)

Amla is a rich source of Vitamin C that is needed for hair growth. By applying the fresh pulp of amla mixed with lemon juice on the hair, the hair gets the much-needed nourishment that was otherwise missing.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

Who wouldn’t wash hair that looks like straight away from a salon? So, from now on rather than going to a salon to get that result, mix apple cider vinegar with water and rinse your hair. You would find a renewed shine in them.

5. Green Tea

It is one such thing that a not only aid in weight loss and boost metabolism but at the same time is a saviour for hair. Apply a used tea bag to your scalp and prevent hair loss.

6. Lemon Juice

It is a wonderful solution to get rid of oily tresses. Lemons have astringent properties that tighten the pores. Mix the lemon juice with warm water and rinse your scalp after shampooing. You would find the oiliness in your hair reducing.

Apart from hair, ingredients in the kitchen offer solace to our skin also.

You won’t believe that most of the problems that our skin faces can be solved by using these food items.

1. Cucumber

Did you know that cucumbers are skin lighteners? One can grate a cucumber and massage it on the skin. It will not only fade away the freckles, smoothen the wrinkles, bleach the skin, soften the hands but also reduce the dark circles under the eyes. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a cucumber right away.

2. Gram Flour (Besan)

Gram Flour is an age-old trick that serves many purposes. It is an excellent ingredient that prevents acne, removes tan, exfoliates dead skin, and reduces beautiful facial hair. Gram Flour is all in one solution hack that one must try whenever in distress.

3. Tomatoes

Are you just back from a beach holiday and now you have a tan that doesn’t leave you alone? Then tomatoes have come to your rescue. Not only eating tomatoes can give you a glow, but applying tomatoes helps to improve your skin tone and can also help you to get rid of that suntan. Mix tomato juice with fuller’s earth (Multani mitti) and see the magic right in front of you.

4. Potato

Slices of potato not only soothe the eyes but also prevents dark circles. As potato contains starch, its juice acts as an excellent toner when applied to dry skin.

5. Almonds

They serve as an excellent medium for dead skin exfoliation. Almond powder, when mixed with oatmeal and milk, nourishes the dead skin. One can also massage almond oil on dark circles and can get rid of them.

So aren’t you surprised after seeing all the hacks how your kitchen boons have been neatly stacked on the kitchen shelves? So, ditch all those creams and go natural. After all, isn’t being natural a key to your happy health?

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