Doing our bit for the Environment

Our Duty Towards Our Environment

Our Duty Towards Our Environment

Environment and humans are interdependent on each other in the ecological realm. This may sound like an overstatement but it turns out that a world without humans or environment is an unimaginable sight that can send chills down the spine. However, in the race to become the superior species on this planet, we have time and again neglected our environment and as a repercussion we are on the verge of sixth largest extinction on the face of Earth. Environment not only provides us with a healthy atmosphere to live on Earth but it also plays an important role in making the Earth liveable. Thus, as a part of this ecological system, every individual needs to make contributions that will not only reduce the damage that is being done to our environment but will also help in protecting it for the future generations.

The environment is on the brink of a total break down, global warming is becoming an ever so frightening sight, with erratic weather pattern causing widespread mayhem. Every individual needs to understand the duty towards protecting and conserving the environment not only for the present but for the future generations as well. Even small steps can make the difference, so even if we cannot devote our entire time towards environment, we can surely contribute through small but substantive measures.

Here are 10 ways to help our environment recover and sustain:

To plant saplings and adopt a tree

Deforestation has become a cause of worry, with acres of forest felled for construction, mining, furniture and several such human needs. It is time that every individual should plant a sapling in their nearby vicinity and take good care of the sapling until it grows.

To utilise water adequately

Even though more than 70 per cent of the Earth is covered with water but still clean and safe water is exhausting at brisk rate and if adequate measures are not taken, then soon nearly half of the world’s population will be facing scarcity. So an individual should take care that there are not any leakages, cut down on taking showers or using the bathtubs. The waste water from ROs can be reused to water plants or do menial household jobs.

To conserve energy

Switch off the lights when not in use, buy electronic products with higher BEE star rating, do not leave the electronic gadgets on standby mode, and replace the existing bulbs and tubelights with CFL bulbs and tubelights.

Segregate biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste

It is really necessary to segregate the biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste generated at homes or public spaces. Biodegradable wastes can be made into compost, after some months it turns into organic manure that can be used for the garden. Non-biodegradable waste on the other hand can recycled or disposed carefully without causing any harm to the environment.

Reduce the usage of devices emitting high level of chlorofluorocarbon

Air conditioners, refrigerators and many such products that emit harmful chlorofluorocarbon gas is not only bad for the health of an individual but also bad for the Earth’s ozone layer. In the present world, majority of the households own such commodities, in order to reduce the CFC gases from Acs one should set the temperature at 25˚ Celsius and turn off the refrigerators for an hour or so.

Recycle and Upcycle

Recycling your old or waste product and reusing it for some other purpose reduces the amount of waste generated. While choosing products ensure that they do not have too much of packaging and try cutting down the usage of products that do not generate large amount of waste. Upcycling on the other hand is similar to recycling except in upcycling the waste is turned into a totally new product be it furniture, household products or just a simple planter or vase.

Usage of public transport and carpooling

Vehicles are a major contributor to the rising level of pollution in the country, every year the number of private vehicles keep increasing. Instead of going out in private vehicles on regular basis, people should opt for public transportation, as not only does public transport reduce the pollution level but it also reduces individual carbon footprint. Apart from public transport people can also opt for carpooling with friends, colleagues, and families. Use cycles or take a walk to markets instead of taking out the car to travel short distance.

Reduce the usage of plastics

The usage of plastic is one of the major environmental issue plaguing the planet, with plastic choking the oceans, wildlife and the human spaces. Do not use any plastic material for one-time use, try cutting on the consumption of straws, even though, governments from all over the world are pushing to put a ban on the usage of plastic bags. However, it our duty towards the environment to reduce the usage of plastic materials in our respective lives.

Volunteer for the environment

Each individual should dedicate some amount of time be it weekly or monthly towards cleanliness drives done by NGOs or by the community, as they help in creating awareness about the problems that persists with the environment today. It is really important to volunteer for the environment as without a safe and clean environment our existence will be in jeopardy.

Respect for Environment

Last but not the least, respect the environment because all the trips to hill stations or beaches would hardly excite us the way they do now. If we are not able to protect our environment and preserve it for the future generations, then we will be held accountable by them as to why we created a mess that changed the ecology of the Earth.