Know about the latest strip fashion clothing

This season is of simplicity, but what could be simpler than the strip fashion, which is simple and provides a glamorous look? 

Here are some top strip fashion clothes:

  • Strip matching

The beauty of the ’60s trend is that you don’t have to think much about what to match with your outfit. If you’re going to an event, there can’t be a better outfit than the strip. You have to make sure that your outfit balances out—neither too small nor too big. 

  • Go zig zag

The plain shirt and striped skirt outfit can show that you don’t need just to wear the strip horizontally or vertically. You can mix and match with this striped skirt and plain shirt outfit. That is, upper horizontally and lower vertically. Keep in mind that you have to keep its proportions right and classic. 

  • Palazzo

These days height is in trend, but increasing the length is not in your hands. So in such a situation, the kind of striped palazzo can help show more height. It also doesn’t compromise on the level of comfort. You can also add exciting accessories if you want.

  • Short gown

Summer is almost here, and the most ‘cool’ way to announce it is by wearing the elegant striped short gown of colourful horizontal stripes. In colloquial language, it can also be called ‘cloak’. The dress containing zebra stripes or black and white stripes can also have a waistband, giving it a great comfort. If you want, you can also wear drainpipe pants with them to add extra charm. 

  • Stripped socks

The nightwear also looks good with the striped socks, letting you feel fantastic about yourself. 

Here are some styling tips:

  • You can wear striped denim shirts with black jeans. It will give a formal and a decent look as well. 
  • Striped T-shirts and baggy striped cotton hoodies also look good in summers. 
  • You can wear a striped crop top with funky shorts in summer. 
  • The beautiful and charming striped dress can also be worn with high heels or boots at any particular party or occasion. 
  • Boot cuts are also trending these days. You can wear bootcut striped jeans with a polka dot top. This will surely give a charming look.
  • Curly hair or messy buns suit well with striped shirts. You can try to style your hair in different ways from the youtube tutorials.