Humanity is the most important religion

These are the words of Sayeed Meetha, maulvi of the Sheikh Majhawar Masjid at Polan Bazar, Godhra. The Maulvi opened the doors of the mosque for parents who came with their children from various distant places for Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) whose centre was at Iqbal High School, Polan Bazar. Not only a place to take rest was given but refreshment was also served to the parents by the mosque staff. He did this because for him and his fellows humanity is the most important religion. Usually only men and that too after a wash are allowed to enter the mosque, but that day on request women and children were also allowed. The parents were greatly touched with this act of humanity. For them it was very difficult to wait for their kids outside the examination centre in the terrible heat and on road.

This is really a very emotional incident that proves superiority of kindness over anything. Religion is meant to serve and it helps the one to be on a right path. Also according to every religion, helping the needy is a real right path. True saints and Indians are like this. It is only because of the vested interest of few that religious clashes occur in India. We are the one who have made religion a theme to fight and a weapon to divide and rule. But in actual practice religion is for peace, it is to live life and it is for humanity.

By looking at a wider picture, it becomes clear that true meaning of religion has changed to a great extent in today’s society. Religion that was a way to connect with God is now used as a breeding ground for war and conflicts. There are many religious gurus who to gain power and money make use of religion and let people blindly follow them. Religion does not need promotion but today it has been done. Every now and then religion is promoted. Even we compare our religion with other and consider ourselves superior.

Why we do that? Our religion is what our family has given to us. Now is the time to think beyond this. Serve humanity as this is the true worship of God whom we cannot divide into different religion, names and identities. God is one and same in every religion. Believe in the supreme power and follow his words as he is the complete religion.

Religion is to celebrate life not to destroy it. Get connected to the spiritual world through religion for ultimate peace. Rise above the materialistic world and serve humanity at every step of your life.