Case of South and North India

Again in the news is an article on rape and sexual assault and this time not by a stranger, but by the father of a girl. A 12-year-old-girl in New Delhi has been raped by her father and his friends not once but since January. Then there is another incident of rape in which a friend of a girl had raped her and then set her on fire because of the girl’s illicit relationship with his married brother. Why it is only the girl who has to suffer? For sure this is a matter of concern, but along with such news what bothers you to an extent are the comments by readers. If you read the comments on these news in one of the leading newspaper then you will also be surprised as majority of them are not interested to talk about the actual issue, its causes and how to deal with this but they talk about the mentality of North Indians, Hindus and some even urge north Indians to stay away from South India.

I think social issues are not just mine and yours, but these belong to the entire country, as India at a global level is not known as South and North India, but as a sovereign state in which each state and region contribute to make it unique. Land has been demarcated by man not God. Issues are there in each and every society, then why to waste time on such things that are not at all related to the problem. I have also read such news from Kerala in the same newspaper few days back. Hence for the betterment of India as a nation we have to be united. Then only social problems like this and many more can be uprooted.

Similarly, we cannot categorize social problems on the basis of any religion, as religion is not for wrong. If there is anything wrong then it is the mentality of a human being. It is the mind and lack of moral values, which forces one to take and make things wrong.

Instead of dividing India, let us unite to fight against all the odds of the society. As an individual try to inculcate moral values in your kids and kids in your locality. Government must identify the problem causing areas and sections and take action to eradicate the cause of the problem.