Aslam Special Butter Gravy Chicken Review

Aslam Chicken
Aslam Chicken Review
Aslam Chicken
Aslam Chicken Review

My friend Aryan Sankritayan, who I have mentioned in the article before, was again in town. He is a pilot and has Mumbai as his base city. He often visits Delhi because of his flight schedules and a little because he loves Delhi. Most importantly, he likes to hang out with me and has become my partner in finding new places to eat. This time he landed in Delhi late in the evening and was in the mood to visit ‘Purani Dilli’ or Old Delhi for the famous ‘Aslam Chicken.’ So, we started around 09:00 pm from the airport and reached the place around 10:20 pm.


Opposite Gate No.-1 Jama Masjid, Old Delhi.


We went there late in the night, and that is the most suggested time to visit the place. It is in the narrow streets of Old Delhi, in the lane that is bang opposite of Gate Number 1 of Jama Masjid. You will have to walk 300-400 meters from the gate approximately.


04:00 pm to 01:00 am


Since it is an Old Delhi joint, so do not have much expectation from it. It is a 3-story building with a narrow lane, a narrow entrance, and a narrow staircase. It is a typical joint, where I could only see one lady along with her family, which is sad. The sitting is kind of typical like an Old Delhi ‘dhaba’. Do not have high ambitions with restaurant ambience.

Rating- 1/5


As the name suggest ‘Aslam Chicken’ and his specialty being the famous ‘Aslam Butter Chicken’, there is no way going to order anything else. We ordered half a plate of ‘Aslam Special Butter Gravy Chicken’ along with 4 Rumali Roti. We overestimated our appetite and underestimated the treat we were about to serve. So basically, the Aslam Special Butter Gravy Chicken that is offered here is unlike any other butter chicken that is served across India. Usually, when we think of butter chicken, we think of rich, creamy tomato gravy with tandoori pieces of chicken. But here you are served actual melted yellow butter, fresh cream, mint-coriander, and some special spices as gravy. Yes, you heard that right the dish is called butter chicken because it has ton loads of butter in it. Then to top that off, they put extra fresh cream in the gravy (as the butter itself was not enough). Then a bit of mint-coriander chutney along with some special spices. Of course, the mouthwatering tender/succulent tandoori chicken being the star of the dish. Oh my god!! It is sensationalizing experience for the taste buds and a delight to eat. I mean, if I didn’t like my heart, liver, or kidney, I could have this fatty/buttery/rich/delicious/spicy butter chicken every day and till eternity. This Aslam Butter Chicken is an experience my friends and one should at least have it once in their lifetime. I wouldn’t recommend it daily, because of obvious reasons. The Rumali Roti’s were freshly made and are the perfect companion for this buttery gravy. Our stomachs might have been full, but the taste buds still wanted more. To finish our meal, we ordered their ‘Kulad Kheer’ one each and were equally surprised with it. The kheer had a great texture, perfect sweetness along with its beautiful aroma of cardamom, and to top it all a hint of saffron.

Price– INR 480/-

Aslam Special Butter Gravy Chicken Half- INR 280/- for half a portion

Rumali Roti- INR 10/- for one

Kular Kheer- INR 60/- for one

Rating- 5/5


The service was quick and responsive. As soon as we ordered our food, we were served within 5-10 minutes, the steward was nice and often came to check on our table if we needed anything. Full points to the service staff as they were agile, polite, and responsive.

Rating- 5/5

Overall, the food is amazing and is an absolute experience for your taste buds. The downsides are the location, difficult parking, and lack of gender equality. Other than that, I wouldn’t fault anything in this absolute gem called ‘Aslam Special Butter Gravy Chicken.’

Price for two- INR 400