Sportspersons Prove Unworthy, Fail to Shine on Political Field

Sports Persons in Politics
Sports persons in Politics
Sports Persons in Politics
Sports persons in Politics

Sports and Politics both are different ball games. Most of the time, sportspersons fail to leave any impact on the political field. Why? Here you have to keep patience, a motivational skill which is also required to attract people with your words. The oratory skill should be superb to woo the large gatherings.

Keep patience

Sportspersons want results in a hurry like the sporting ground, which is not possible in politics. Wait, watch, analyse then see the result. Experience, maturity and upbringing in the political atmosphere are essential to learn the dealings and core part of politics. Although noted athletes of different disciplines have ventured in politics, most of them failed to succeed.

Get chance easily

Celebrities get the chance quickly in politics due to their name and fame. But the genuine politicians have to see ups and downs and act according to the situation. As a party worker sycophancy of senior leaders is essential. Spending many years in running from pillar to post, standing with folded hands in front of veteran politicians for getting tickets is the real test of patience.

Be ready to do everything

Taking part in the protest and muster people and then encourage them to attend the rally and listen to the speech of such and such leaders. Sometimes politicians switch one side to another for the better options. Therefore all the pros and cons naturally transmit in the blood of seasoned campaigner.

Stars call for a campaign

Celebrities generally don’t need to sweat; instead they are requested by the top brass of the party to join and campaign in elections, which is the start of their political journey. General people tend across the country to see the glimpse of their favourite stars and listen to them carefully and follow their words.

Lack of grassroots politics

The reality is they don’t know the grassroots level of politics. Generally heavyweight of any field do not get a chance to mingle with the common people rather have the habit of getting cheers form the fans. But full-time politicians have to meet with the people from all walks of life despite spending a luxurious life. The record of some of the sportspersons was colourless and difficult for them to survive on the political arena.

Azher’s failure in politics

Former Indian captain Mohd Azharuddin’s failed to play hundred Tests, the stylish Hyderabadi’s cricketing career was cut short by match-fixing allegations. The Congress fielded him from Moradabad in 2009 general elections and won from there. Unlike his wristy flicks on the cricket field, failed to make any impact in Lok Sabha and his overall performance as an MP was rather uninspiring.

Sidhu, Gambhir speaks, not act

The vibrant speaker Navjot Singh Sidhu speaks a lot criticises his nemesis in different styles, uses unique vocabularies, sentences, and compose rhetoric, but as a politician, his performance is not worth mentioning. Gautam Gambhir, the BJP MP from New Delhi constituency was not far behind. Without showing any responsibility, he was in England after the election result this year, busy there as a commentator. It seems sportspersons take politics as granted.

Sachin fails to inspire

Sachin Tendulkar was the member of the upper house but met with the same fate. The master blaster performance was lacklustre and was unable to fulfil the hope of his fans.

Rathore, Chauhan shines

To certain extent ace shooter and 2004 Athens Olympics silver medalist Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore and former India opener Chetan Chauhan have been successful. Political instinct is there in them; they raise public concern issues and try to solve them. They are the real role models and inspiration for other celebrities to follow them if they want to survive in the political game.

Filmstars sail on the same boat

Not to talk of sportspersons even film stars are sailing on the same boat. Bollywood stars are known for their dialogue presentation in movies. The moment they reach in parliament, their vocal cord become silent, rarely react or raise any questions. Most of the time, such MPs remain absent from the (Upper or Lower House). The absentee of celebrities is a big question mark over their credibility in politics. The government spends money on them but get nothing.

Haryana turns Waterloo

In the recently concluded elections, saffron party in Haryana fielded many athletes. But the venture of such sportspersons into politics suffered a significant setback. Apart from hockey player Sandeep Singh others lost the elections. Several high profile sportspersons had joined the ruling party weeks before the elections, failed to win the people’s trust.

At present Indian democracy is well matured. People want to see the progress of their respective constituencies. Time had gone when voters used to run before the stars. Work and frequent visit in the respective areas are the key for any politicians to survive and play long innings otherwise doors will be shown. You can’t make the same voters fool by just visiting before the elections and delivering inspiring speeches.