Positive Impact of Social Media

Social Media
Social Media.

Ever since social media first came into existence, it has sparked the debate between parents over the impact of social media platforms on the growth of teenagers, whether young kids should be allowed to be on social media unsupervised or not. Cases of cyberbullying and catfishing run rampant, and we’ve all heard the negative story of social media. But every coin has two sides; the positive influence of social media is a fact that can not get ignored any longer.

Here are some ways Social Media helps create a positive impact on teenagers:

• Bring the world together
Social media broadens our social circle by an incredible margin. Although in real life, teenagers can only be associated with those friends they have in school and family members, social media allows them to meet like-minded individuals from all over the world. Be it someone from a different city or a different continent. Thus, social media helps bring the world closer, enabling teenagers to experience diversity at a young age, even while sitting at home!

• Develop their moral compass
In recent years, the most significant trend and impact of social media that we have come across is its involvement in politics and world news. In the past, teenagers didn’t take an active interest in world affairs. Still, with activists and politicians on social media sites, it is pretty easy to develop your views on important happenings worldwide. Moreover, social media also acts as a news site for many teens today, thanks to newspapers and media outlets having their social pages. The easy reach for important news has helped everyone stay updated with the latest happenings and share them with others.

• Platform for their opinions
Along with building their world views, social media also gives them a platform to channel their ideas, create a society of like-minded individuals who demand change and make it happen. Through post-sharing or stories, people can effortlessly come together within a few hours and extend the reach of topics we all need to hear. It might have started as a trend, but it primarily sets a positive change in society. Thus, helping develop the future generations as humans who care about the environment and political views.

• Create and run their local businesses
Another incredible gift of social media is online stores; apps like Instagram have the shop icon, which helps creators display their items and connect them with buyers. No matter how big or small their business might be. The abundance of thrift stores has helped people buy fashionable clothes in a sustainable way that allows local Indians instead of high-end brands. You get to decide what you want to sell on your page, the way you want to do it and who you want to engage. Apps have algorithms to promote your business ventures in the right direction as well. Any creative person out there now has an easy outlet to bring their creativity to the world and run their own successful business.

• Body positivity and inclusivity
Narrow mindsets don’t bind the world of social media. Every young person today has family or friends who make unwanted remarks. With the rise of influencers coming out and speaking about body positivity, showing their unfiltered authentic selves. This display of love for their bodies helps teenagers find acceptance and feel better. It is much easier to feel insecure about your looks, but with this new wave of candid and unedited versions of their favourite stars, they can build a stronger relationship with their bodies and find peace.

There is no doubt that social media has harmed in the past. The key here is to talk about both the positives as well the negatives of this usage. Monitored time and effort in the right direction can yield terrific results for all young people. It can help them develop their personalities, find friends, create their own success stories, find inspiration from others, and strive to achieve greatness.