Thrift Stores Culture in India

Thrift Stores Culture in India
Thrift Stores Culture in India.

If you’re new to the term ‘thrifting‘, it means buying clothes, household items, jewellery and anything else from house sales, flea markets or thrift stores. These are items that the previous owner used but are still in good enough condition to be worn by a new owner.

The rise of thrifting in India is because of its numerous positives. It is a much cheaper option to buy trendy and cool items. You can find classics or old limited collection items at highly reasonable prices. Not only is it pocket-friendly, but it is also great for the environment. Fast fashion brands create a ton of wastewater and chemicals which is dumped into the oceans, poisoning them. Thrifting is a way of sustainable fashion choices that looks great, feels excellent and does great things for the environment. Thrift stores can even help those trying to find rare one-of-a-kind items, items that speak to their aesthetic.

What is the difference between thrift stores and retail stores?

Thrift stores contain furniture and other items at discounted at a better and affordable price than retail stores. Retail stores sell no second-hand items, which can help many people find things as per their taste and style. Thrifting gives the items a second life, a new owner and lets them be used to their full potential. It’s a healthier lifestyle choice that benefits everyone involved. Thrifting is more about the joy of finding something you love than just shopping, and it requires no set idea or list but love for exploration and the happiness of finding something great at much lesser prices.

Another trend that’s catching up fast in India is the vintage clothing trend, clothes from a different era or what is not as per the norms. It has lead to new fashion trends and even helps people find their way of expression through fashion. Not everyone can fit in the fashion standards, diversity is vital, and thrift stores allow everyone to find their style.

During the lockdown, the most crucial trend in thrift stores was the digital thrift stores, pages on Instagram and Facebook that post pictures of their items online. It’s an even safer and secure option. In a way, thrifting isn’t a new concept for India, street-side shops and small businesses running beside roads is something we’ve seen in all Indian towns. Thrifting brings this concept to a more contemporary level of a personalized experience, making it more enjoyable in higher quality and style.