Tips to motivate yourself

Motivational Tips

Tips for Motivating Yourself

There is no universal rule to motivate anyone. A set of conditions which can motivate you may not have the same impact on other person. So finding what exactly motivates you is extremely important. Also motivation does not function in vacuum but linked to the goals and time period to achieve these goals. It is actually a way to live a happy and optimistic life. Though there are external motivational factors but self-motivation is the best way to keep yourself going.


Here are few simple tips to motivate yourself:


  • Set a Goal – Pick up pen and paper to write down the most important thing you want to do in life. It can be anything ranging from professional achievement, buying a home, academic accomplishment etc. Now assign a completion day or a month or a year to this. Split this goal into measurable and small segments. You are ready with a specific, measurable, attainable and relevant goal to be achieved within defined duration. Place this paper close to your bed or paste it at a place where you can daily see this. Remember – You, me and all other fellows have 24 hrs in a day. How we utilize these 24 hours will make the difference.
  • Do not wait for tomorrow but do it right now – Generally we have the habit of making list and then forgetting about it. Month later we find the same paper under the piles of books and repent. We ask ourselves, why I have not done this. If I would have done it at that point of time then I would have achieved that.
  • Stay Happy – Motivation comes from happiness and happiness is the state of mind. You must list out things that make you happy and things that make you sad. Train your mind to focus on good things by thinking about your bright future. Always remember one thing that a bad phase in life is just a phase not an ageless condition. Utilize your free time by reading something which brings you closer to your goal. If not reading then pursue your hobby to stay happy. Do not think that by doing so you are wasting your time. Sitting idle and thinking about nothing but about the sad events of your life is a terrible thing to do and gives unhappiness. Simply avoid this.
  • Get help from your support system – You need someone who can listen to you and lend a shoulder in case required. Have people in your support system that can nurture your abilities and help you to get rid of your flaws.
  • Read – Read motivational stories of successful people to stay motivated in life. Try finding people who have achieved great heights in your selected path.
  • Visualization – This technique is used to motivate players across the globe. Close your eyes and visualize that you have achieved your goal. See how satisfied and happy are you. This can act as a great driving and motivating force.
  • Be prepare for a negative and keep back up plan ready – You have set a goal, but in case you fail to achieve this goal then do not feel negative. Keep your back up plan ready.

What to avoid to remain motivated?

  • Stop running away from your problems. Face the problems with courage and determination of solving these.
  • Do not delay.
  • If you are living in the past then stop it right now because it demotivates you.
  • Do not rely on others. It is your goal and you have to do it.
  • Stop worrying about failure. You will fail if you will try.
  • Stop repeating the process if it leads to failure or same result.
  • Do not feel sorry for yourself.
  • Do not try to change other person.
  • Do not waste time.
  • Stop focusing on negatives.
  • Stop thinking what you have not achieved.

These tasks may seem tedious but if put into practice then these are extremely easy to follow and keeps you motivated.