GIS (Geographical Information System)

GIS is a technology for capturing, storing, managing, analyzing, data related to positions on Earth’s surface and presenting them in the data format is known as the Geo spatial Information System or Geographic Information System.

It basically combines cartography, database technology . GIS is the digital creation and manipulation of the spatial areas, Maps of India being the largest online repository of maps on India , We have extended our specialization in geospatial data and services.

We at Maps of India has a goal of providing best GIS mapping services and products . We posses the highly specialized team of cartographers, geographers, cad designers, GIS experts and consultant, who assure best turnaround and accurate results.

We posses a large depository of geospatial data for India developed under the supervision of highly expert team in GIS.

Our GIS data is most updated and verified ready to use details from state level to talukas or village level, with their census details, basic infrastructure consisting of transportation, land use, POI, demographic structure, along with it we also offer customized data as per the client specifications.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2015