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"Very youthful site "
"Good site, I have been using this since 1 year. good keep it up "
Suresh Kumar
"This site helped me very much and saved my fuel.thus money.Thanx. "
Mane Sunil
"This site is very benefited to me, my friends and relatives have always necessiate to know Kilometers between arrival to destination. Next I try to introduce this site to many needy people. Further, I hope that this site may benefited to everybody."
D. Nityanand
"I specifically liked the shortest distance calculator between two cities / well known places. If possibe the only improvement I will suggest is the new travel locations does not get listed /updated here. And the shortest path calculated does not give the idea of road quality. I mean there is no use if the shortest path calculated does not have good roads."
Avinash Sonawane
"Great to have this site. helps wehn we are planning from far away places. gives good idea of approximate distances and locaitons. can you possibly just also go by names of city as many times, we do not know if amritsar or agra is in particular state and we have to go trhu lots of states to find the city. great work keep it up"
Raxit Shah
"Dear Team, This site Rocks. But little Problem I m facing is I need Some times only G.T road Way But this can show only Shortest ....... secondly The map should be little bigger and the overview result can be displayed under map horizontly . That Will be better . So Increase the MAp Size. And Place one option for better way i.e. Highway To desired location. Otherwize Site really Rocks. Thanks."
Pankaj Khurana
"Hi Found this site very useful and informative. We usually send our engineers to different onsite locations. Also I suggest that not only shortest distance but also distance from train and higways (transport: bus) should also be updated on this site."
Gurpreet Singh
"I would like to thank you on behalf of all users for providing such a interactive & informative site & would in specific like to appreciate the efforts you must have taken to be so helpful.
Keep up doing good job... Hope you'll come up with more power packed in your site in future. "
Shantanu Majumdar
"I am one among the beneficiary of your site; it really helped lot while I was struggling to find out nearest distance between towns especially when within the state. I appreciate you people for the fantastic job."
"Very good, I was searching for the particulars in all related websites but I could not get the correct and relevant information but your site offered me a good guidance and correct layout for my trip. Thank you"
"I am really impressed with the site content and lay out. It's very useful when we travel. Providing this free of cost to all is fantastic thing. Would recommend to all my friends to use this site."
Krishna Kishore M
"This site is nothing but divine blessing to me and other tourists; it is the only site, which has comprehensive information about every thing you need to travel India according to me."
"Distance calculator in particular is very helpful."
"Wonderful help to travelers. Keep up the good job."
M V Ravi Krishna
"The site was very good"
"I liked this site very much, really wonderful site what I was looking for, thank you. I will keep you know any query of mine in future."
Amit Lahoti
"This is really excellent for those who love traveling. It's very useful who loves to drive their own vehicles. Thanks a lot"
S. Prasad
"The distance map was pretty good... thanks a lot for the service"