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Broadcasting and Television
    Customised Mapping Solutions for Hospitality and Travel Industry

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BBC, UK - World Political map for use in a Documentary broadcasted through BBC.   Channel 4, UK - World continent map, grouping various continents for broadcasting through Channel 4, UK.    
Advertising Agencies
Oligvy and Mather & Kotak Securities - Use of India Outline map image by Kotak Securities on their website.   Oligvy and Mather & Sify - Plottings of all the sify outlets along with all the tourist spots in various cities like AgraPondicherry, Varanasi, Goa all over India for brochures of Sify.   Rediffusion & Central Square - Use of map image of Delhi, highlighting their location for use in their Company's brochures of Central Square.

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For any clarifications regarding the custom mapping solutions , you can reach Apoorv Bhardwajat or speak to him at +91-9871399004.