100% Cut-off List

At the time of admissions, the story is almost the same every year in Delhi University. Students who performed very well in schools and got more than 90-95% are not getting admission in the courses and colleges of their choice for four-year undergraduate degree because, in few of the colleges, the cut-off list is nearly 100%. Even some of the not so popular colleges also have cut-off of 100% for Computer Science and Commerce courses. Bachelor of Commerce course is at the top of the demand list for which the topmost colleges are keeping cut-off very high like Hansraj College has cut-off between 96.75-98.75%, Hindu College has kept it at 96.75-99.75 whereas for Lady Shriram College cut-off is at 97.75-98.75% this year.

The whole problem starts from here – when you do not get a chance to study what you want in spite of the fact that you are capable. So is this criterion of giving admission to students fine? Are students just running after the marks in schools to get admission in the top-most colleges? Is getting 90% marks mean that you are not as intelligent as a student who is getting 99%?

Every year, the competition is getting tougher. You cannot imagine where it will go after a few years. Not only competition, but the number of applicants has also gone up, whereas there is almost the same number of colleges offering admissions. It is expected that number of students who will seek admissions in the undergraduate program will go up to 30 million by 2025 in India. The number of institutions providing admission is not increasing at the same rate. Also, quality is the issue in many colleges and institutions in India. So there is a very tough competition to get admission in the top-most colleges for better job prospects. India, by 2015, needs about 1500 universities to gear up the Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER) from 13% to 15%. Whereas the global average GER is 23%, for developed countries it is 45% and for developing countries the GER is 36.5%.

Along with a limited number of seats, the total marks obtained in 10+2 have also soared because of the simplification of the testing standards by different education boards. Because of this, percentage of students scoring above 90% and 95% has increased. But this does not mean that the intellectual level of students have also gone up. This simply means marks have gone up as criteria of judging them as well as question papers have been simplified. Scenario is almost the same in every state of India.

India’s education system really needs to find out a right way to come out of this maze, as not only students seeking admission but their parents also go through the same kind of admission stress and pressure. A common entrance test must be devised with improved quality of educational institutes, better facilities in every college and nationalized curriculum. So, if there can be a common entrance examination for Engineering, Medicine and other courses, why can it not be for general admissions. Board exams should test the real learning of the students rather than their ability to answer a question paper.

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