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How unrealistic is unrealistic? It means different things to different people. Like New Year resolutions which might seem perfectly normal to you are bizarre to some. Here are some unrealistic New Year resolutions:

  1. I am going to lose weight in New Year After Binge eating and gulping down alcohol, it is time for serious analysis and time to lose weight are often people’s New Year’s resolution. Ask a fitness expert and he will rubbish this instead of encouraging you. “After 20 years of adulthood, suddenly losing weight is not the best approach as crash dieting is the worst possible thing that can harm your body in the long run. Couple that with overdoing intense workouts suddenly when the body has not been used to it all these years. Taking out one major food component from your diet like carbohydrates, can lead to mood swings,” says Neeraj Surana, strength and conditioning trainer based in Kolkata. Unrealistic is when someone decides to lose weight overnight and ends up getting disappointed. New Year resolutions don’t last more than 30 days on an average.
  2. I am going to quit smoking and drinking It seems like a great idea, but some things are easier said than done. There were times when smokers perhaps decided to quit smoking and never could. But then comes the New Year and giving up smoking from the 1st of January seems like a great resolution. It takes immense will power for a smoker to quit suddenly. While some prefer to quit by cutting down gradually, a few people quit at one go. But does the first week of month of the New Year seem like perfect timing? Quitting drinking too seems bizarre, after all the alcohol in the system during the party season. Thereafter getting the body used to no alcohol at all in the New Year is a New Year resolution that seems the easiest to break.
  3. I am going to be less stressed While problems might be old, there is no guarantee knowing what problems you will encounter in the New Year and how you will tackle them. Saying that tackling them with a cool mind is the motto, does it begin from the first day of the year especially for a born worrier? There is always stress in everyone’s lives and being calm is not everyone’s cup of tea. While it may not be impossible to stay calm or handle a stressful situation better, it doesn’t happen overnight. Generalizing being ‘less stressed’ is going to make you scratch your head wondering how you plan to do that.
  4. I am going to fit into my old t-shirt This might be more of a dream than a reality as you imagine yourself in your favourite t-shirt or a sexy dress you wore two years ago. Time flies, but that does not mean you don’t put on the kilos. If you haven’t worn that favourite outfit of yours for two years nor have been motivated to lose weight, how is this year suddenly going to make that possible? Either you might lose interest in working out or you will perhaps forget about your favourite outfit.
  5. I am going to engage in social work Seems more like a compulsion than something that you really want to do? It is okay if you partied too much in December, none says you are bad. Though you might say you really have been wanting to work for a social cause, but getting yourself to actually do is a different thing. Social work sounds humanitarian, but doing it because you want to believe it will make you humane is not how social work should be approached. So maybe bunk the social work resolution especially if you have not given it a serious thought about what social work you want to engage in.

While these are unrealistic, let’s see what bizarre can be. Tap into the realms of the Twitter world and you will wonder what made them tweet these resolutions. Here are some:

  1. A new year resolution reads, “Make an enemy so I can employ this genius service . It tells you of an Australian based website which, lets you ship a box of glitter with a rude note to your enemy just for $10 Australian dollars. If the resolution is not bizarre enough, the website concept sure is.
  1. Another one reads “People still talking about their New Year’s resolutions and I’m over here like:” followed with a lump of mass looking like a nose with mucus and two eyes above it. The comments that follow are someone freaking out looking at the picture while being on a conference call at the same time. Talk about unpleasant. You sure will forget about making New Year resolutions after this.
  1. The craziest way to keep New Year resolutions? Give yourself electric shocks  . Heard of giving yourself electric shocks if you break a New Year resolution? Call is being your own enemy or as something to just break your habit while not losing insanity. Ivan Pavlov the creator of this wristband intends to give the wearer an electric shock of one to 340 volts which makes you associate the bad habit with pain and in turn make you quit that one bad habit as part of your New Year’s resolution. As the article states, some of these ‘bad habits’ include smoking, drinking, being unfit to even Facebook and Twitter.
  2. “Finally decided on a New Year’s resolution: send weird pics to friends more,” says one tweet. Really are they friends or enemies that you decide to send more weird pics. Sending in weird pics sure won’t make a world of difference and help you grow personally or professionally? This tweeter sure must have tried real hard to be innovative.
  3. Imagine tweeting so much about yourself that you even want to tell your followers when you shave and when you won’t? One tweeter decides it is definitely important for his followers to know what his look is going to be in 2015. Here is how it reads, “For the first time ever, I’m having resolutions for New Year. And one of it is to not shave my facial hair all year long. Weird, I know :p” Thank God, he admits it is a weird New Year’s resolution.


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