5 Realistic New Year Resolutions for Students

New Year Resolution for Students


New Year Resolution for Students

End time of the year inevitably fills us with positivity and gives us a new chance to start over many dormant phases of our life. All the disappointed hopes of the ending year send us into a frenzy to take up something new or simply just improve in the areas where we lack. As a student, you can do a lot to improve your career and overall personality by setting some resolutions. But as they say, resolutions are meant to be broken, so how prudent is it to take out time and pen down a list when sticking by them always seem like a laborious chore? The struggle is real but what if we tell you some incredibly realistic and within the reach resolutions you can easily follow? Keep reading…

Go for Smart Studying

This is an effective and beneficial new year resolution for students. Spending hours with books in front of you is a strategy of the past. The thing is to recognize your learning style. You might find that even after long hours of studying you haven’t retained much. This might be because you are not much of a visual learner. Try opting for audio books, study in groups or maybe reading out your study content loud. Recognizing your studying method will help you for the rest of the term and even beyond.

Kick Procrastination

‘I’ll start studying for that test tomorrow’,

‘I’ll start writing that report next month, there’s so much time really’

Actually no, there is not much time really, contrary to what most of us think. The more you do earlier, the more you stay ahead of the game. Piling up work and deliberating it for later can turn anything into a giant-some impossible project. ‘Later’ has never achieved anyone anything great.

Network, Network, Network

Besides the social interaction gratification, meeting new people and making friends can open up doors for opportunities, you have not even imagined. Just don’t stick to your university peers, expand your horizons by doing something different, like volunteering work or a part-time job. There is so much to learn from people from different walks of life. You might even run into someone and end up as a lifelong friend.

Eat Healthy

Feeling lazy? A bowl of Maggi may come as a handy quick fix to all hunger woes. Or it could be a less than 30-minute pizza delivery solution. We are not by any stretch advocating a permanent stop at this eternal practice because that would be unrealistic. What we are trying to pitch is to make room for healthier food on your grocery list. Eating Fruits is one thing. You can set a target of eating around 3-4 fruits in a day. Do not forget green vegetables either.

Boost Your Self Confidence

This is a must-have new year resolution for students. Confidence can do wonders for your self-esteem. The “difficult” things you usually might not invest in, whether it is an academic competition during the college fests or taking up a rather advanced course, will be up your alley with a little boldness. Start off small; little achievements like solving puzzles, acquiring new skills can build up your morale and is a great motivational force to reckon with.

Get a better hold of your life for the year 2018 with these simple realistic resolutions. Let everyday be an effort to elevate your life to new and the next level. Remember, SKY is the limit!