​​ MapsofIndia.com: The Evolution

MapsofIndia.com: The Evolution

It's the year 1996 when the concept of MapsofIndia.com came into existence. Almost a year had passed by since the introduction of internet to India, yet the cyberspace didn't have any proper map of India that can showcase the country in the most authentic manner. Some had truncated the Kashmir, while some others didn't have the North East regions of the country or the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It seemed that the cartographers had their free wills on those. This was the time when the founder of MapsofIndia.com Mr. Simarprit Singh felt that there's urgent need of authentic maps of India which would represent the country properly and would meet the requirements of the users. The process got started.

A couple of years later, in the year 1998, Mr. Singh established very first website IndiaProfile.com, in a process to make the concept into reality, a section called Maps of India was incorporated. The folder http://www.IndiaProfile.com/Maps consisted of 5 maps immediately became a website in three months time. The Face of India was born - a site that showcased the face of India and most importantly, the correct face of India. The site https://www.mapsofindia.com was launched with 50 maps to start with. The Quality Maps in multiple subjects were always present in terms of zero downtime, which let the users to download as and when they required those. The initial number of 50 maps reached four figure mark in no time. It became 1000 in less than one year.

Being the first of its kind (site with correct and exhaustive database of maps), MapsofIndia.com started growing day by day. It saw a steady growth in the initial days, but started picking up quickly. From 7 visitors in its very first day of getting live, the site drew 1,000 users a day within one year time. With the rate that the site is growing by, it is expected that the number of visitors per day would touch 1 million mark by 2013. Currently the site is amongst the top 200 website in India. And if it can sustain the current growth rate, it would enter into the top 100 bracket within a year.

So, what's the secret behind the grand success of MapsofIndia.com? It didn't spend millions of dollars in its development phase, it didn't spend a hefty amount on the advertisement, nor it went for any press releases or TV coverage, yet the site manages to become one of the most prominent ones in the web world. The big question is, how? Well, it's sheer hard work of the MOI team and the focus it had. One of the underdogs of the Indian internet industry, MapsofIndia.com emerged as a leader in the business. Interestingly, the next three most popular mapping sites on India, viz. http://www.maps-india.com (focuses on maps for travel and travel information), and http://www.MapsofWorld.com ( currently a legend it is category, consists of detailed India section) are also the stable mates of MaposofIndia.com.

Is there any reason for this huge popularity? Yes, it certainly has got some. There is a strong community that loves the quality of maps and other information provided by MapsofIndia. And the community is getting stronger and stronger with each passing day. Currently it has made itself one of the biggest repository of maps, travel and business information on India. And it is perhaps the biggest reason for its global success. It's got its niche in the mind of India and its people.

MapsofIndia.com has traveled a lot since its initial days and it has a long way to go further as well. It has been a wonderful journey full of memorable events.

MapsofIndia.com has delivered an enviable performance so far, but it has got the potential to do even better. It's currently moving fast towards the top 100 bracket, but it has got the potential to be amongst the best 10. However, the time will tell it all.