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Home to over 1.2 billion people, India comprises 28 states and 8 union territories. Although India is a fast-developing nation and has nearly 300 cities, majority of the populace resides in rural areas.

Delhi, the national capital, is the largest city by area and population in North India. Mumbai, the financial capital, is the most populous and also the wealthiest city in India. Bengaluru, formerly known as Bangalore, and Chennai, formerly known as Madras, are the largest cities in South India. Kolkata, the cultural capital, and Guwahati are the largest cities in East and Northeast India respectively.

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CityPopulation (Census 2011)Area (sq kms)Interesting Facts about Indian Cities
Mumbai18414288603Financial capital of the country.
Delhi110078351484Political capital through antiquity, medieval and modern India.
Kolkata146178821886Port city on the east coast of India is one of the most densely populated areas.
Chennai46810871189Hub of the Indian automobile industry.
8,474, 970742Also known as India's Silicon Valley for its IT industry.
Hyderabad6809970650Known for its old world nawabi culture and biotechnology industry.
Jaipur307335011117Known as the Pink City for its palaces and royal culture. One of India's top tourist destinations.
Jabalpur10543365211Army Headquarters for five central Indian states located here.
Agra1727275188India's top tourist destination and home to the Taj Mahal.
Varanasi12018151550The oldest Indian city and Hindu pilgrim spot.
Lucknow2815601850Former cultural capital of north India. Known for its silk fabric and nawabi cuisine.
Kanpur27670311640Important center for heavy industry, technology and food processing in north India.
Allahabad11170945424Former name was "Prayag", one of the oldest Indian cities. Today also known as city of prime ministers as half of Indian Prime minister either belonged to the city or got elected from here.
Ahmedabad5570585464Textile city in Gujarat, also known as the "Manchester of the East."
Chandigarh960787114City with the highest per capita income in the country.
Amritsar1132761 Home to the Golden Temple and a top Sikh pilgrimage.
Aizawl291822457Largest city in Mizoram with a literacy rate of 88%.
Bhopal1795648698One of India's greenest industrial cities.
Bhubaneshwar837737419City of temples in east India is situated at the site of the ancient Kalinga.
Bhilai625697119India's steel city. Has a literacy rate of 87%.
Coimbatore1061447246Known as 'Manchester of India" Hub of cotton textile industry.
Darjeeling13201611Himalayan city in north West Bengal. Famous for its tea plantations.
Dehradun578420------Capital of Uttarakhand and has an average literacy rate of 89%.
Faridabad14046532151Largest city in Haryana. Known for its industries.
Ghaziabad16360682590 (area of Ghaziabad district)With a literacy rate of 93%, it is UP's most industrialized city.
Noida642381203One of the planned industrial cities in UP.
Guwahati963429556Largest city in Assam and the largest metro area in north-east India.
Gwalior1053505362Historic city in central India, known for its strategic location and now a hub of education in the region.
Gurgaon8768241253 (area of Gurgaon district)Haryana's Millennial city ranks very high on per capita income.
Haridwar22523513Pilgrim city in Uttarakhand. Famous as the venue of the Kumbh Mela.
Imphal26498629.57Capital of Manipur. Has a literacy rate of 91% which is higher than the national average.
Jalandhar8621963401Hub of sports goods manufacture in the country
Jammu503690 Winter capital of Jammu and Kashmir and home to the popular Vaishno Devi pilgrimage.
Jamshedpur629659149India's first planned industrial city. Famous for its iron and steel industry.
Jhansi507293167Gateway to the Bundelkhand region in central India.
Kochi60157495Port city on the west coast of India and the most densely populated city of Kerala.
Kozhikode432097128Ancient city of Spices and now one of the best residential cities in India
Ludhiana1613878310Largest city in Punjab and a major industrial city in north India.
Madurai1016885148One of the oldest cities in the world. An important cultural and education hub in south Tamil Nadu.
Meerut1309023272The city has the second largest army cantonment and is an educational hub in western Uttar Pradesh.
Mysore887446129Cultural capital of Karnataka. Known for its silk and paintings.
Nagpur2405421217One of the cleanest cities in the country. Known as a trade center for oranges.
Nashik1486973264City on the Western Ghats , known for its pleasant climate and wine industry.
Nellore50525813076 (area of the Nellore district)One of the fastest developing cities in Andhra Pradesh and is known for its agricultural products such as rice and jowar.
Patna1683200210Ancient seat of learning and the modern capital of Bihar.
Pune3115431244Largest city in the western Ghats. An educational hub of the area and a growing industrial city.
Raipur1010087226Capital of Chhattisgarh. Has a literacy rate of 87%.
Rajahmundry343903212On the banks of the river Godavari, it is one of the biggest cloth and bullion markets of the country.
Rajkot1286995170With an average literacy of 80%, it is one of the fastest growing cities of Gujarat.
Ranchi1073440175Capital of Jharkhand and with a literacy rate of 77%, one of the industrialized cities of the country.
Ratlam26481039One of the best cities to buy gold in the country.
Solapur951118149Top industrial city of Maharastra
Srinagar1192792294Capital of J&K, on the banks of the river Jhelum, and famous for its natural Himalayan beauty.
Surat4462002326Fastest growing city in the country known for its diamond business.
Siliguri50970942Biggest city in north Bengal and an important transit hub for north east India.
Thiruvanthapuram752490214Largest city in Kerala. Known educational hub and IT destination in the country.
Vishakhapatnam1730320544Important port city on the southeast coast of the country.
Thane1818872147Mumbai's most populated suburb.

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