Vadodora Culture

The quintessential Vadodara Culture is a hallmark of the archetypal Gujarati lifestyle and culture. Popularly known as 'Sanskari Nagari', Vadora is the cultural capital of the state of Gujarat. The cosmopolitan city boasts of a glorious past. The city had blossomed into efflorescence when it was a part of the kingdom of the Gaekwad rulers and continues to bear telltale symbols till date.

Formerly known as Baroda, the city of Vadodora has not only emerged at the forefront of industrial enterprises, the city has also carved out a niche for itself on the academic front. The strategic location of the city has further facilitated sustainable growth and development.

The stately Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum that basks prettily on the sprawling palace grounds as well as the magnificent art gallery are repositories of information that shed light on the city's splendid history. The museum showcases a widespread array of fascinating artifacts that are remnants of the vagaries of a bygone era.

Vadodara is a shopaholic's paradise. Entertainment is also another important part of the people's social lives. The city is endowed with a considerable number of Gujarati cinema halls, studios, multiplexes as well as the impressive old style movie theaters that have been refurbished over the years.

The people of Vadodara love to spice their lives with a dash of color. Consequently, all major Indian festivals are celebrated with pomp and grandeur. The underlying secular character of the city is manifested by the grand celebrations of Diwali, Holi, Ganesh Chaturthi, Id, Christmas as well as New Year. Navaratri or Garba and Uttarayan are the principal local festivals that are celebrated with lots of mirth and merriment in the city.

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Last Updated on: 8/05/2013